9 responses to “@AllenWest “Our enemies are watching”

  1. Sir, do you have any idea why Mr. Clinton issued that order? I don’t remember. Was there a rash of gun violence on our military bases?

  2. Yes, our enemies are watching us and our lame or non-responsiveness. But, we must know our enemies are doing this from Capitol Hill starting with our POTUS and all the Muslim/Islamist he has appointed and hired as his advisors. They laugh and smirk at us and our ignorance while in their protected positions. America has its eyes and minds wide shut to this and without discussion by any that are and did represent We The People. The U.S. constitution is no longer viewed by our political leaders as our unbending guidance. Shame on us as a people and history will state it as so..

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  4. I was faulted for blame placing/finger pointing by a fellow conservative (helpful, right?) when I re-posted this. Apparently, The Blaze is reporting that George HW Bush actually issued this order. Can you provide any clarity on this? Thanks for all you do for this great country!