One response to “Col. West: Benghazi can’t be ‘the new normal’

  1. The other new norm is for our local County, State, Federal and Military leaders to remain silent on the results of the background investigation performed on Barack H. Obama, II by Sheriff Joe Arpaio and Detective Mike Zullo. Anyone that has been following Mike Zullo and his recent presentation videos knows Obama is a fraud and worse. There are also those that have attended closed door or one on one sessions with Mike Zullo that have a full understanding this is not a birther conspiracy, it is about multiple frauds. At min Obama or whomever he really is has use 4 aliases depending on his needs. I.e. School records, Passport records, College records, Loan or Grant application records to name a few.
    Hope no one is waiting for the new 2014 candidates for the Senate or Congress to stand up at the podium and shout I’m going to share with America the proof that Obama is a fraud. Therefore We The People are left with cowards and self-serving to represent us by giving us diversions and lip service for the ignorant vote. My God what could be more important than exposing the Greatest Fraud and National Security Threat in our American History. PS: if anyone has a good answer please post it. God Bless Terry Lakin.

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