@AllenWest Thanks to Obama’s ineptitude, the balance of power is shifting in the Middle East, and it’s not in our favor.


by Allen West via Facebook

Thanks to Obama’s ineptitude, the balance of power is shifting in the Middle East, and it’s not in our favor. In a couple hours, we’ll watch the President take credit for avoiding military action no one supported – thanks to his “deft diplomatic touch.”

The fact is, Syria is not our problem, it is the problem of Vladimir Putin and Russia, and whether or not they want Syria to fall into the hands of Islamists. Strategically, if Obama wanted to have had an influence, he would have maintained a residual force in Iraq. But campaign promises override strategic vision.

The real fight in the Middle East for America is against the Muslim Brotherhood and their spawn — and Iran. They must be defeated.

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11 responses to “@AllenWest Thanks to Obama’s ineptitude, the balance of power is shifting in the Middle East, and it’s not in our favor.

  1. Really? Well, thanks to our precious president, his brothers of the Muslim Brotherhood have him to thank for the gift of Libya and Egypt. He will give them Syria too with the help of Hanoi John Kerry and McCain if someone in D.C. doesn’t wake up..

  2. Since that was his goal with the start of the “Arab Spring” all the funds and weapons he spread out there and his continued support of the Muslim Brotherhood so I do not call it ineptitude but treason!

  3. The Egyptian military slapped Obama, hard, and in the face.

    You are well on point Colonel.

    Mubarek was taken down as Obama and his cast of idiots cheered the “democratic process” and sent well wishes to the muslim brotherhood and its covert operative, Morsi. We now see how well that “democratic process” prevailed. Mubarek’s military or likeness has forced Morsi out and is now sweeping the country for islamic radicals and al Qaeda links. Egypt will now stabilize as long as the military remains.

    Syria is to be left alone. Russia has apparently stepped in where Obama failed.

    I do agree Colonel, that a Quick Reactionary Force should have been left in Iraq. But, and again, without foreign policy, national security, and geographic tactical planning experience, we see all of the gains made by the U.S. Army and allied military forces in Iraq, slowly disappear into islamic mediocrity.

    I somewhat disagree Colonel, certainly there are some Middle Eastern powers in play, that may not be favorable to us today, but surely Colonel, you must admit that Egypt appears to be returning to favored status based on Egypts military taking power back from Morsi and the muslim brotherhood. Libya is a question mark. Iraq is turning out to be a Bush and military victory, but slowly becoming an Obama failure…

    Iran is better off with Obama. Afghanistan is turning out to be a political “award” ceremony for Obama’s tunnel worshippers, and the Middle East as a whole is at a boiling point.

  4. I don’t understand why i gave you more credit. B. Hussain Oboma is not INEPT. he is a Muslim from Indonesia. B. Hussain Oboma is not an American. Nancy Pelosi and John Quiggley McCain paved the way. Voter fraud finished it. Your continued surprise at what the Indonesian usurper is doing is ignorant. Your trying to pull the cloak over peoples eyes. Stop it!

    • He is referring to the bungling of the President and the lack of leading. He is not referring to anything other than a military stand point from his perspective as a military man himself. If you read more of his stand against Obama and the Muslim Brotherhood you would see you are mistaken in your reply. Thanks for your comment