Dr.Angela Graham-West “I have lost nothing by evolving into a conservative and neither will you” The Journey from left to right

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Posted by  on September 8, 2013 – Dr. Angela Graham-West for Palm Beach County Tea Party

The Journey from Left to Right….

When Allen and I go out to parties, galas, and the like, people speak to him about conservative thinking. That is a given. He is deeply patriotic, deeply involved with the history of the country and very knowledgeable.

But….. after they speak with him, the conversation invariably turns to me. And…. it starts like this….”WHEN DID you BECOME conservative….” A girlfriend of mine who I have known since I was a child told me “its written all over your face…. people can tell..” OK, should I change my lipstick? (smile)

I was the quintessential student, loved school, fell in love with the university life — both in Europe and the US. It was intellectually stimulating and exciting. I truly understand when my daughter gives us 4 hours here and there during the school year. She is me — albeit with the “Conservative Chick” tee-shirt.

The University meant that I could be myself. The lover of documentaries, exhibitions and plays. I remember when Allen and I got married, the officer’s wives club had their meeting to welcome me. That was like fitting a round peg (me) into a square hole (them). You see, one faces a big penalty for non-conformance in such groups. I knew how to sew well because my grandmother owned a business which involved making high quality dresses for the top US stores so she taught me. BUT the officer’s wives were into “crafts” so I tried it. Let me tell you that cross stitch is not only boring, it is tedious. very….. One of the other Ph.D. students came from Utah where she told me that her mother was a whiz at embroidery and cross stitch. Her mother sent an 89 percent completed a piece and I finished the trim in front of my peers in the OWC. I still have the piece. It says “Officers’ Wives — the toughest job in the military”. It had all of the flourishes, my friend’s mother is a genious and I was accepted at least for a short while.

At that time — late 80′s to the 90′s the left pretty much solidified their dominance in University thought and hires. They replaced all of the stuffy professors in suits with conservative ways with “cool professors” who sat on the lawns, smoked weed and had many neurotic ticks. But they were creative and exciting. They also did not have preconceived notions about women, minorities, gays and so forth. Believe me, I was told by one “conservative” professor that “women can not write nor do arithmetic — much less BLACK women.” He was able to grade any paper I wrote, no matter how long, in a matter of 3 – 5 minutes. He gave me a “B” and wrote a note that he was being “generous”. Another, was the chair of one of the large departments, he was known to hire only attractive girls with his department budget, I felt “happy” that I was one of the chosen. Then, I came down with the flu, showed up to work looking pretty run down for a week and he jokingly said —- “If you don’t get your act together and stop dragging in here, I going to replace you.” And so on and so forth ….The “Stinkin’ Thinkin’” crew had to GO.



4 responses to “Dr.Angela Graham-West “I have lost nothing by evolving into a conservative and neither will you” The Journey from left to right

  1. Dr. West…..

    Very apparent that your move to the right, or, the Republican party, was in fact, a move based on logic, thought, and theory.

    I have always been a Republican. Not a conservative. Not a tea partier. But a pure bred Republican. A hyphenated republican is one looking for “other than” political reasoning.

    A republican is:

    Morally and ethically guided.
    Intellectually proficient.
    Family and patriotic values.
    Personally and individually responsible.
    Etc.. Etc… Etc….

    I have noticed that republicans are directional, whereas, conservative republicans are more open to a dialogue of probability or, “openminded” to a blending of liberal and conservative ideas. Make sense??

    For example, I watched Charlie Rose interview Bashar al Assad, the President of Syria. I did not need any convincing, but I am 100% certain that we need not enter Syrian airspace in any form or inject our influence.

    As a republican. As an American Soldier (retired). As a combat veteran of Iraq. As a normal American who has witnessed a severely failed foreign policy over the last five years. Most importantly, I have witnessed a foreign policy so dysfunctional, that it killed 4 Americans in Benghazi, helped al Qaeda gain ground in Egypt as part of the muslim brotherhood’s covert attempt to inject radical islam, and lose almost every ounce of credibility we once had sround the globe.

    My analytical skills, along with my college education and my military career, allow me to be somewhat of an ego maniac in this post.

    Obama drew a “red line” last year when referencing the likelihood of Assad using chemical weapons. Now he denies it, blaming everybody else for that comment. Okay, I get it. Obama never really intended to lead the American people with honor and integrity anyway.

    Now my plain Republican thought and theory:

    Is it possible that Nuclear, Biological, and Chemical weapons that were “not found” in Iraq, are now being discovered in Syria? So, Obama and his cast of democratic and pathetically liberal idiots, can “erroneously”, and intentionally attempt to destroy Iraq’s NBC/WMD arsenal of munitions?

    Why a sudden desire to engage in a non essential military action? It cannot be an issue of foreign policy.

    It has to be an issue of democratic, and liberal agenda. While there are republicans floating the liberal idea of going into Syria, they are not of the republican breed.

    Doctor West. The manner in which you have accepted the republican value system is great. Please, do not tread lightly. Verbally assault our common enemy, liberal democrats, and be blunt.

    I despise my foes. Islam, muslims, and the Obamas.. They are many a footnote in the history of America’s demise and downfall. Only a Real and True republican can defeat the Obama manifesto. Holder, Reid, Biden, Kerry, and Clinton must all go..

    We are republicans.

    We are America’s TRUE strength…..