@AllenWest “When celebrities use their fame to influence the real world”

by PJ Media

Published on Sep 5, 2013 PJ Media

Is it time for Hollywood to get back to the business of make believe. Should we let celebrities do what they do best be fake in a realistic way? Because when celebrities use their fame to influence the real world, the result, more often than not, is an exercise in narcissism. Unfortunately, American culture has devolved to the point where we celebrate narcissists and their pet concerns at the expense of the issues that affect everyday Americans, such as energy prices, deficit and debt. Col. Allen B. West finds celebrity excess at its worse in the debate over gun violence, especially with regards to the Newton, CT tragedy.


10 responses to “@AllenWest “When celebrities use their fame to influence the real world”

  1. Congratulations Colonel…

    You state with conviction, that Hollywood is nothing more than a modern version of “fantasy island”. I agree 1000%.

    When actors portray Soldiers, and, after their stint as a make believe Soldier they become both liberal and ignorant to the real purpose and technique of a Real American Soldier, then they, the actors themselves, are nothing more than abusers of the American “value system”.

    When people with false ego’s and a thick wallet, become the secondary voice behind American policy and venture politicians, we as Real and True America lose our moral and ethical standing. Bad enough that Hollywood has become the Juggernaut of political norms and ideals, but when ignorant America heeds their lip movement, the real problem lies in fortitude.

    Do we, as Real and True Americans, have what it takes to ignore Hollywood and its pathetics? Are we not what makes Hollywood… Hollywood?? Our money is the “blood” that Hollywood cannot survive without. When EVERY name(celebrity ghost stories) in Hollywood has had a paranormal experience, the falsity of Hollywood is blinding.

    Obama gets the “Nobel Peace Prize” for doing absolutely nothing. Just wait till he gets his “star” on the Hollywood walk of fame……..

  2. Celebrities have the same right to “opinions” as the rest of us. Like the rest of us, their opinions should be judged by their content and their rationality. The real danger to American life is not the opinions expressed by celebrities, but by the buying and selling of America that goes on in corporate boardrooms and the private interests like big Oil and etc.