Allen West and Juan Williams Weigh In On Syria Rebels – Hannity

Published on Sep 5, 2013 – Mass Tea Party

Radicals & Rebels – Allen West & Juan Williams Weigh In On Syria Rebels – Hannity

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  1. Clarification:

    The chemical and/or biological weapons, and use of, by “elements” within Syria, is in fact, the fault of the United States. Remember, one of the reasons going into Iraq was based on NBC or Nuclear Biological and Chemical weapons in the hands of Saddaam Hussein and volatility and previous use of such munitions.

    Also, remember it was the U.S. government, yes Bush and Condi Rice, who after “politically correct” pressure, began to appease the “ignorants” by admitting there are no WMD in Iraq. Numerous reports of NBC munitions used and\or found in Iraq went in Command’s ear and stayed there.


    Syria is likely or in fact, factually, in possession of NBC munitions that were not “found in Iraq”.. Hint.. Wink…

    So, now, Obama is gonna CYA himself and his party’s patheticisms with reference to Iraq’s NBC/WMD. Hide it if you will…..

    Colonel. Both you and Williams failed in your “case presentation”. The United States and her allies, what is left of our list of (former)allies anyway, must stay out of Syria.

    Why? Very simple….


    To the American people and those who read this.

    I am a retired US Army Soldier. Combat veteran of Iraq and a 24 year career Soldier.. At some point in history, Iraq will be proven as a necessary war/mission. I went I fought I served….

    Iraq was a necessity.. A lot has gone unnoticed and untold…

    Syria has absolutely no worthwhile purpose. Yet, we must stand with Israel.