@AllenWest ” If Obama launches an attack against Syria, a series of unintended consequences shall ensue”


by Allen West via Facebook

Listening to Sec. of State Kerry address the Syria chemical attack incident, and he is not convincing at all in his bloviating diatribe. What is the strategic, operational, and tactical objective? If we are not going for regime change, then what is the purpose? If we are just going to fire off some missiles — and understand Assad has already shifted his resources since we told him what the targets are — what is the purpose? A year ago President Obama fired off his mouth and now he wants to fire off missiles. To borrow his own words, he “acted stupidly.” If Obama launches an attack against Syria, a series of unintended consequences shall ensue over which he will have no control. Obama’s strategic incompetence was evidenced when there was no Status of Forces agreement to keep a residual force presence in Iraq. Now we see the consequences from that faux pas.

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12 responses to “@AllenWest ” If Obama launches an attack against Syria, a series of unintended consequences shall ensue”

  1. Obama is doing exactly what I expected, starting a trumped up war. This is a hoax on the American people. In time the people will be on board because someone (China, Russia, Iraq, North Korea) will strike back and then the Dems/Progressives will have their war that they always want.

    Progressive Republican Teddy Roosevelt = Spanish American War

    Progressive Democrat Woodrow Wilson = WWI

    Progressive Democrat FDR = WWII

    Progressive Democrat Harry Truman = Korean War

    Progressive Democrat JFK = Bay of Pigs
    Although it was first conceived under Eisenhower JFK approved and promised air support but of course he turned coward at the last minute and pulled air support that he had promised so the invasion failed. And then the world thought he was a woos and the Russians start putting nukes in Cuba.

    Progressive Democrat LBJ = Vietnam War

    Progressive Republican Bush = Kuwait

    Progressive Republican Bush = Iraq

    And just for the record, I didn’t think the Bushes were Progressives till the last three or four years.

    Historically the Communists and Progressives end up with more power after a war.

    Obama wants this so he can stay in power. He will create this war so he can declare martial law and stay in power as a dictator.

    And what is sad, the American People will endorse it and give up their liberty for the sake of safety and so called peace.

  2. Obama is yet again mastering a contrived means to intervene for the radical Muslim Brotherhood and al-Qaida, against the current regime making the use of chemical weapons the justification for his support with out any clear indications of who used the chemical weapons on Whom. It is Egypt all over again.

  3. Mr Allen West; The strategic operational and tactical objective is to embolden the muslims. Muslims have been killing muslims, for centurys should this century be any different? If you accept the fact that Oboma is not an American his Motis Operandi is crystal clear. If you hear therefore you believe he is an American therein lies your confusion. The attack that oboma will call, is to ensure American Pilots are decimated by those 400 or more shoulder fired surface to air missiles he provided in Benghazi. Those missiles Ambassador Stevens was keeping good records on, those records Oboma did not want at all. Whether this is Allen west or not, i don’t think it is. The fact is Oboma intends to tell the opposing force where Americans are going to hit and put a smile on Hillarys and John Heinz-Kerry’s face, Last but not least John Quiggley McCain will also be Smiling ear to ear after all it was John Quiggley who gave the presidency to Oboma in 2008, and fought to give the Aqueda terrorists in Syria, American arms, to fight Muslims in Syria. now both sides of Muslims will unite with Obomas coordinating help to take out American ships and aircraft. like he did with those 30 Seals who were shot down. Have you asked what were the logistics that put 30 Seals in one aircraft. They typically travel in groups of 5.

  4. Obama will get what he wants with mission creep and all of it’s unknowns. If the worst happens, Israel will be forced to make glassphalt landscapes in order to protect itself and survive.