@AllenWest Military Action in Syria “The world is laughing while we look weak and reactive. “


Barack Obama doesn’t get it.

He doesn’t know how or when to use military force and his on-the-job training as “Commander-in-Chief” is embarrassing all of us.

Obama is stumbling towards military action in Syria. He drew a “red line” on chemical weapons use and Syria crossed it. We did nothing and it badly wounded our credibility. Not surprisingly, they used chemical weapons again…but now we are forced to act.

As Obama slowly and publicly puts plans in place for a military strike we’re televising every move so the Syrians can hide their weapons, decentralize their command and control, and make themselves harder to successfully strike.

The world is laughing while we look weak and reactive.

America can do better.

I’m not going to settle for second-rate leadership and you shouldn’t either.

A military campaign needs an objective — we can’t just launch a feel good bombing campaign to try and save face after Obama retreated when he was tested by an insane dictator. If we wanted to use military force, we should have done it immediately and decisively.

Please help me fix Washington. America’s foreign policy is a joke.

We simply can’t keep going on like this. Our adversaries — China, Iran, North Korea, Russia — are watching us and measuring our weakness while our allies are confused and bewildered.

Take a stand, and together, let’s make America strong again.

Steadfast and Loyal,

Lt. Col. Allen B. West, USA (ret)
U.S. Congressman (2011-2013)

PS: America can do better. Obama’s foreign policy is a complete joke and we look silly and weak in the eyes of our enemies. Also consider supporting The Allen West Guardian Fund this will help elect leaders with integrity, a strong work ethic, and conservative principles in 2014 and make America strong once again.

7 responses to “@AllenWest Military Action in Syria “The world is laughing while we look weak and reactive. “

  1. Col. West: Assad DID NOT USE THE GAS.
    You will soon find out that Assad is the scapegoat… Obama gave the green light for the rebels to use the gas to kill those people. Obama (the constant liar) is the real terrorist in this story. He now his own “Wag the Dog” opera.

  2. There was an incident in Egypt where the Muslim Brotherhood were guilty and the Egyptian military was getting blamed for it by the U. S. media. But then the truth came out. I’d like to know exactly what is happening in Syria. Who caused the killings? Was it Assad or the rebels whom Obama has been supporting? It appears the public has a general distrust of Obama and what his intentions are in the Middle East. Why is he supporting the Muslim Brotherhood against the Egyptian people? Why are they calling him a terrorist and holding up signs warning the American people that he is supporting terrorism? What really happened in Benghazi and why is it being covered up? It is frustrating not being able to trust our own media, but we can’t. They share an agenda with Obama and his actions in Egypt are highly suspect.

  3. I am thinking… false flag. the people sent to collect ‘evidence’ didn’t go back ‘a second trip, to collect evidence’ because of sniper activity… but no one reportedly got shot. sounds like pros, shooting at the ground, the air, ect, keeping them away from the parts of the canisters. this is to bring us INTO the conflict.

  4. Getting involved in Syria is not as simple as the press likes to put it (they don’t seem to think the public are able to understand the complexity of reality). As said above, it is still unclear as to who did bomb those people. Assad is obviously flawed (no argument there), but the rebels don’t appear to be saintly either (tell me one country where all the people are?). So just how do we (international community) get involved? Well, we could support the rebels but wait, have there not been reports that the rebels are connected to elements of Al Qaida? Mmm, that might not go well with the press, a bit of an own goal? We could go in as peace keepers under the UN? That has worked so well in the past (Bosnia and Northern Ireland are two of many examples). What is the right thing to do? As with any civil war, the people that get hurt the most are those in the middle. All I can say is that I don’t get paid thousands to make decisions that will likely kill thousands more, and the fact that Obama is not just jumping in with both feet might just mean he is privy to a bit more intelligence (military) than we have. It is easy to stand on the sidelines and criticise, and in a democracy that is your right, but during the game the only people who really matter are those playing.

  5. After all the lies Obama and his administration have spewed out… why on EARTH would we believe ANYTHING the federal government spinned?? That would take ‘stupid’ to a whole new level. Obama OK’d the gas hit on Syria last December. That is common knowledge. He has been sucking up to the Muslim Brotherhood with money & favors in the past year — THAT is common knowledge. The gas grenades & weapons used in Syria were from the Libyan fiasco weapons smuggling payoff at Benghazi … which is why Obama’s regime has been squashing the truth there. This is all a “Wag the Dog” opera – to take the world’s mind off the many scandals, failures, and problems Obama has created. Everyone knows he is a complete failure -and incompetent. Even Putin is aware of this! Obama doesn’t give a rat’s ass about the U.S…. he is a psychopathic Narcissist Megalomaniac -textbook case. He would believe he was ‘right’ even if he put on two left shoes!