Allen West “Obama and Holder are embracing Marx’s tenth tenet from his Communist Manifesto”


by Allen West via Facebook

In years past, Democrats like George Wallace and Lester Maddox stood outside the school doors blocking entry for blacks to get quality and equal education. Now, progressive socialists masquerading as Democrats (Obama and Holder) stand inside and block the access of black children, denying them the opportunities of this great country, the American dream. One of the first edicts of Obama in 2009 was to cancel the DC school voucher program, yet his own progeny attend elite Sidwell Friends, while other black children were denied. Now Obama and Holder are embracing Marx’s tenth tenet from his Communist Manifesto, forcing our young children into failing public schools. This week is the 50th anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther King’s “I Have a Dream Speech.” I rest assured knowing Dr. King would stand with Gov. Bobby Jindal, not Obama and Holder. When will the black community awaken and see Obama for what he truly is?

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  1. Allen,
    Have you had the chance to see the video documentaries “Agenda” and “IndoctriNation”? They are real eye openers that delve deep into the very topics you raised and more. These two films explain just how and why the Left’s agenda is what is and the devastating effects it has already had on society, culture, and education and they explain how these negative effects will continue if Americans are not made aware and the tide is not turned. Please see them if you haven’t. They are worth the time and a very helpful tool in defending and protecting our freedom.

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      • You said it, Maureen.
        What Colonel West has, are leadership qualities. Character. Integrity. A person does not get those qualities overnight. They’re developed over the course of a lifetime.
        If a general topic search of Leadership is done online, and I do recommend everyone to do so, it becomes very clear that Allen West meets and exceeds every standard, and those standards, are indeed very high. Challenges to work harder. Challenges to meet goals never before dreamed, and always to benefit others before any benefit to one’s self.
        During the Super Storm Sandy here on the East Coast, I was in saltwater up to my waist for three days (along with my wife). Our street was all over the front page, as the storm barreled right up the street from the ocean. The house next to mine was destroyed. My home eventually gave up the ghost and was the second house from the point. In the aftermath, FEMA was completely useless. The fire department eventually five days later was able to get down the street. The handed our GI MREs (Meals Ready to Eat). I refused. Elderly people, on who was 92, if she missed a meal it could be a matter of life and death. The other people, had small children. Children do not understand hunger. In six days, my wife and I scrounged up what was left in condition to eat and we had a total of two plates of food. We rationed. We got by. Many said it was Character. We did, what was natural to us. Unpleasant? Yes. But it is like watching the World’s Series and the players make everything look easy and effortless. Allen West, has those qualities, unlike the socialist fool currently occupying the Oval Office, who is “Mister Alibi”, himself. Nothing is his fault, and nothing is his doing. No Character.
        Lieutenant Colonel West’s fidelity to his troops continues to be a Legend. He put everything on the line for his troops. A man like that, has what it takes to Righteously lead our Nation. No alibis. No excuses. No nonsense. A truly, Honorable Man.

  3. Allen West is one of the most intelligent, articulate and quick thinkers that I have heard in a long time. He can’t know every question he is going to be asked, but without hesitation comes up with an answer that makes sense. He is a true patriot, and a person who could have my vote. I wish him safety, and hope that he becomes the next president of the USA. The sooner the better.