Allen West “I am beyond Angry! This can no longer be tolerated”


by Allen West via Facbook

Reprehensible and disgusting. Two black male teenagers are being sought in the beating death of 88-year-old Delbert Benton. Mr. Benton was an Army WW II veteran who survived combat during the bloody Battle of Okinawa. This must end! I have yet to hear a peep out of Head of NAACP Ben Jealous at all. As an Army combat veteran and son of a WW II veteran I am beyond angry. We have a problem in the black community and it is high time we taught this generation of young black men a lesson in respect, dignity, and honor. This can no longer be tolerated. Mr. Benton was an American treasure. Farewell my Brother.

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  1. Beyond Angry??
    Yes Colonel, I am well beyond the anger point. If I did just one tenth of what these womb rejected, young pathetic pieces of human inconvenience are doing, my parents would have buried me long, long ago.
    Obviously, the NAACP, any and all “civil rights” groups including “their” leader (obama), not mine, are fearful of responding to this cheap, cowardly murder. Why?? Because now they would have to eat their words with respect to the Zimmerman case, where the race card was injected.
    It would be best that these two pieces of human inconvenience just turn themselves in. Soldiers never leave a fight and will make the enemy bleed.
    To the Delbert Benton family I say this:

    “Thank You for Shorty, and to the flag I shall salute, not in Shorty’s honor, but because Shorty allowed me to be covered under the blanket of freedom, that very flag under which I remain free and have served”..

    It is apparent that the anti-christ, obama, and his tunnel worshippers will allow America to succumb to both racial elegance and, socially psychotic tendencies, based on both liberal thought and theory.

    Sadly, while I refrain from identifying others as black or white, I must now inject racial identification for the purpose of intellectual compatibility.
    This is the fault of the NAACP, obama, sharpton, jackson..
    Should I dare say that Zimmerman was a vengeful act against Martin in retaliation for OJ Simpson getting away with murdering a white woman and man! I dare say that sharpton, having followers even after his Tawanna Brawley scam and hoax, remains a highlight to ignorant black America!! I dare say that Black Republicans are often verbally martyred for having a common sense and logical thought and theory process!! Why is there a need for me to have to identify between black and white republicans?

    Thanks To Obama and civil rights, black and white can never be just one repeblican…..
    Obama would be better served and understood if he simply stated:

    ” If I had a son, he would look like one or both of these two murderers of an elderly 88 year old World War 2 veteran”.

    Carry on Colonel…. and Thanks for being there….

  2. This Hurts real bad, I was in the 101 st and the 1st Cav. I do not understand this, School do not teach any thing , nothing. No GOD,prays, History.I only have a GED and I believe I know better than this. But let`s Honor this Vet. With Honor in you Col. West

  3. This is a sad story. A man who put his life on the line for his country, loses it to those who lack any respect for honor, respect and duty. Liberals call us racist if we care about the plight of young blacks. To try to face the problem, define it and work to correct it; is politically incorrect. As a white male, why would I worry about the crimes committed by black juveniles? What should I care if blacks commit an inordinate number of crimes on their own? Should I care about the wanton, random acts of extreme violence committed by these young men?

    To speak with the liberals, Jessie, Al, and Barack; it is none of my business and if I express concerns, I am a racist. Since it would appear that these “representatives” of black America have given up on their own, so should the rest of us. Jessie Jackson has a personal stake in this with his namesake headed to prison. For those who do not know, the Rainbow Coalition represents a solid black rainbow surrounded by green paper with portraits of dead presidents. People who have bastardized the message of a man of peace base their causes on the money to be ripped from the headlines.

    Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., had no hidden agenda. He never advocated a nation built on black supremacy or unchecked rage amount young blacks. He spoke over, and over again about equality. The Reverend would be the first to admit that he could not have made progress without dedicated whites in his brotherhood. He would never condemn white America because of the wrongs committed against his people. He would realize that of all the nations in the world, this is the only one to publicly admit its failures and strive to fix them.

    At one time we fought wars with conscripts from a draft. Many young men leaning toward the wrong path were sent to the military. A large majority found their lives turned around. The world was not just about them but represented the needs of others. Today’s youths lack a positive direction. No one wishes to put forth the effort to lead them. Unfortunately, if whites try to help in the effort to build character in these pre-teens and teens, the effort is measured against the ruler of racism.

    Can we stop race-baiting and join together to help this lost segment of our children? Can we end the blame game, the racial distractions and lack of trust long enough to show ALL young Americans a real future? If Barack, Al and Jessie are ready, so am I.

  4. Thank you for bringing attention to this. I realized this morning that I misspelled the victim’s last name wrong in the title of my post– it’s Belton, not Benton.

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