Allen West “Over the past two days there has been an interesting paradox emanating from the Pentagon, which no one is paying attention to.”


by Allen West Via Facebook

Over the past two days there has been an interesting paradox emanating from the Pentagon, which no one is paying attention to. It seems that next month the US Military is opening up benefits and post housing privileges to same-sex couples. And those in same-sex relationships who are not married are being granted leave to travel to states where same-sex marriage is allowed, in order to get married and qualify to receive these benefits and privileges. On the other hand, Walter Reed Army Medical Center (WRAMC) where our wounded warriors are assigned to recover from their horrific injuries, just announced deep budget cuts. Imagine this, the Pentagon is granting leave for same-sex couples to travel to get married, but the WRAMC Warrior Cafe is now closed on weekends. Priorities?


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  1. Totally wrong, and disgusting. Makes me so mad. Can’t someone take the lead, and let’s do something about these atrocities that the White House commits? They’re a disgrace to the White House, and the United States. They have to be stopped.

  2. How about straight soldiers ? Are they too being granted leave to get married ? If not, is that not discriminatory ?

    • I was wondering the same thing. I also agree it would be discriminating if they do it for one and not the other. I also think the disabled veterans need to be treated MUCH better than they are.

  3. WRAMC Warrior Cafe is now closed on weekends.

    Sir, I understand they’ve cut the hours on weekdays as well. All you have to do is walk down the street…. if you can.

    We need men like you. Pls reconsider representing us.

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    This is INSANE! What in the Name of All that is Holy is going on in this nation? Don’t ask, don’t tell was one thing, this is so far over the top as to make me wonder about our leadership!

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  7. Obama and his elite are coming at us from all angles to start a revolution. When we start this we had better be all in or else the United nations forces will be here along with the radical terrorist muslims and maybe even the russians. I read fema has a very strong buildup of supplies for the Washington area what have the rest of you heard? If there are more gays in the military there are less Christians think about that one. Gays go for pretty much anything. Do not be surprised they are not against their own country if need be. Can you imagine gays, muslims Democrat thugs, and the United nations all at once and most of us without a weapon. They will kill us by the millions just remember this.We must stay united as one not divisive like Obama wants us. What was the reason for 9/11/01? We know the government had to have a hand in it but why. To start a war in the middle- east? Or why just a thought. Remember our government has been corrupt for many years and we the people were trusting them the whole time. Think about 17 trillions dollars ago when it was more trustable.

  8. so basically, there is some sort of reason people should pay attention to what a homosexual does with their leave? i don’t see how anyone utilizes the leave that they earn, and spend their own money to carry out that leave, has anything to do with budget cuts anywhere else in the army. the budget cuts are across the board, not just at WRAMC, and while i am neither for or against the homosexual policies now within the service, heterosexual members of the services have had the right to take their own accrued (EARNED) leave and spend their own (EARNED) money to do what they please.

    • while what you do on earned leave is your business , extra leave just so you can get married in another state is not a luxury that should be afforded to anyone. AS for budget cuts across the board, I don’t see any budget cuts affecting the Commander in Chiefs many vacation.

  9. Derek I think the point trying to be made here is that they are cutting the budget to our wounded hero’s who are on the mend and spending it on housing for gay wed couples. It’s not the leave that’s important as leave is earned and should be allowed for those who have earned it.
    I think that they should have left Don’t Ask Don’t Tell in place, but that’s my opinion and you know what they say about opinions.
    As a retired Navy Chief I saw much waste in my career. Many places that spending can be cut, but cutting it to those who have sacrificed so much is wrong. The new policy allows for gays to serve openly and if they are married they are entitled to housing allowance or base housing. But the cuts should come from somewhere else rather than to our brothers and sisters who need the money and support to cope with their injuries that were received defending the very right of gays being able to serve openly and to receive benefits in which they too are now entitled to.

  10. I served this great Nation for more than 27 years of honorable service. If the Military is going to allow gay Sailors, Soldiers, Airmen, Marines and Coast Guards Men to take leave. It should be charge to their leave balance. Fair is fair and it should be distributed across the board. No special treatment should be provided and the same standards in respect to the UCMJ which holds all men and women accountable for their actions. Our wounded Warriors should not be affected by this change.

  11. Derek, you totally missed the point. These members are not taking the leave they earned, they are being given 10 days of leave (similar to baby leave). That means it is free and does not get deducted from their leave balance.