Allen West | Weekly Wrap Up on @Next_GenTV | 8/2/13

Sailing The Conservative Seas
Allen West is away on the annual National Review cruise
This week, Col. Allen West is sailing the North Sea with National Review. In between stops along Norway’s coast, West, Rich Lowry, Jonah Goldberg and others are entertaining guests with panels, special “insider” sessions and possibly a card game or two. He will return Aug. 12.
Here’s his message before he cast off:
I could not be more humbled at this esteemed opportunity to address a gathering of solid conservatives. Angela, Aubrey, Austen and I arrived in Amsterdam on Wednesday morning. We had a great time walking the old city and taking in the sights, such as Anne Frank’s house and the museums of Rembrandt and Van Gogh.I noticed the many churches and cathedrals that are no longer used as such. There is no doubt the secular humanist movement has taken hold in Holland and is reflected in Amsterdam – and probably the entire European continent. That is quite a contrast to the millions of young Catholics who gathered in Brazil to see Pope Francis. We in America must stand guard against the creep of secular humanist progressives who are attacking religious freedoms.

As we pulled out of the port, it struck me that my life has become the intersection of two great champions of civil rights and conservatism: Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and William F. Buckley Jr. I was born and raised in Dr. King’s neighborhood in Atlanta, and now I’m cruising for the magazine first published by Buckley in 1955. Nowhere other than America could this story be told. Equality of opportunity, not outcomes, is the American way, the American dream.

The family is out on the deck as we make our way out of the channel to the North Sea. I have always admired the Viking warrior culture. Now I get to visit their homeland. One of my favorite movies was “The Vikings,” with Kurt Douglas, Tony Curtis and Ernest Borgnine. The History Channel series “Vikings” was doggone good as well.

I wish you all well and will be providing some Facebook updates on the excursion.

Steadfast and Loyal,


WESTern Conservative Summit Call To Action
West delivered remarks at the Centennial Institute’s Western Conservative Summit in Denver last weekend to call conservatives to action.”Let’s stop talking and start walking,” West said on Sunday. “Let’s live up to the faith and courage of Psalms and the wisdom of Proverbs, and let our spirits be lifted high, known to all men, all women, all Americans, all of our allies and in all corners of the globe. Let’s forge a new generation … that guarantees the American dream for another 200 years.”

Watch his full remarks here:


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  1. The state of FL was dealt a huge blow when this fine Conservative, Patriotic gentleman was robbed of an electoral victory due to corruption & fraud in his home district! May God Bless him & his family; hopefully, America will be fortunate enough to regain LTC West’s courageous representation in DC, where his voice is so desperately needed.