5 responses to “Allen West “NAACP and other race-baiters cherry picking cases for political agenda”

  1. Here we go again…

    Colonel Alan West, aka (Uncle Tom), has once again, stood his ground utilizing common sense, moral and ethical values, and most importantly, his ability to seperate “societies” and racial “card playing”.

    To those whose memory intentionally evades them, allow me to introduce recent history.

    The Tawanna Brawley hoax initiated by the one and only (but with many molds), Al Sharpton whose then accomplice, and now conservative intellectual Roy Innis, instigated a fake rape and beating of Brawley, a young black girl. They were to blame a handful of white cops, judges, and notable whites until the “hoax” became “thee hoax” gone bad..

    Yet, Sharpton remains a “player” in racial “poker”.

    Applause and admiration to the honorable Roy Innis for his intellectual honor.

    Then of course there was OJ.. Acquitted of murder. GUILTY AS HELL OF DOUBLE MURDER……

    And there is the NAACP. Legal representatives of racial stereotyping and the dealers in the game “race cards”.

    Colonel West. I am a retired American Soldier. My wife is black. We are individuals of patriotic and family values and do not recognize Obama as president or as Commander in Chief. Unlike Toni Braxton and Michelle Obama, WE REMAIN DEDICATED TO OUR COUNTry..

    I must remind you that I took an OATH to defend my country from enemies, BOTH foreign and domestic. Oh, and from ignorance and patheticism as well.

    To Eric Holder:

    You are much to blind a character for intellectual notability. You have become part of the problem…

  2. Thank you Colonel West. As a white man, I am a racist for touching on this subject. It seems strange that the name Dr. Martin Luther King is invoked by more white people than blacks of late. The good Reverend Doctor, was a good, decent man with a dream. But were he alive today he would see that his dream has turned into a nightmare. Men who profess to “be of God” stir up hate instead of peace. And even then the cause is only worthy if they can make money off of it.

    I was not with George Zimmerman on the night Trayvon Martin was killed. I did not hear all the evidence. But I have heard how Zimmerman and his wife have mentored at-risk black children and tried to help out the community. This does not sound like the racist as painted by the media and black leaders.

    In Knoxville, Tennessee, a white couple, both students at UT, were carjacked. They were taken to a house where the female was forced to watch as her boyfriend was gang raped by five black males. He was murdered. She was then gang raped, tortured and had bleach poured down her throat to destroy evidence, then she was murdered.

    It is truly an outrageous, heinous crime. People who were there (black people) told the story. But no outrage over this. It is very doubtful that anyone from the President on down to Al Sharpton even has a clue it ever happened.

    What I, as a white man of the Christian faith, would love to see out of these race-baiters, is a firm, public stand on black-on-black crime. More innocent black children have been murdered since the death of Trayvon Martin, than any other group. Where is the outrage? A black man reading this will dismiss it as a racist trying to pass the buck or cover up for Zimmerman. They, for the most part, will not step up and join me in calling for “true change”.

    Sadly, many blacks feel Barack Obama is their savior. Their moral compass is broken. I do not like Obama. I am not racist, I don’t like Joe Biden, Harry Reid or Nancy Pelosi either. What I do like is people of character. Col. West, Kevin Jackson, E.T. Williams, Ben Harper, Condoleezza Rice, etc. Any of these Americans would better serve ALL the people than what we have.

    Blacks must realize what a great nation our founding fathers built. We’ve never swept our problems under the rug. Blacks were brought here considered no better than animals. Most were sold into slavery by their own people. Though the system still has a ways to go, look at the progress for blacks in America.

    White Americans are proud of the accomplishments of our black brothers and sisters. When one black person becomes a doctor, officer in the military, educator or great statesman, we all win. But we get frustrated. The democrats keep blacks enslaved with housing, food stamps and free phones. Black men can’t compete against a government better able to serve their families.

    I can actually think of one instance where slavery was good for blacks, and mores the pity. When they were slaves all they had to believe in was God. Now for a lot of them, the government is god. No group can ever advance from that scenario.

    Let’s follow Dr. Kings lead. Let’s build an America where children of all races can come together and be friends. But first, let’s protect those children from the animals who routinely do them harm.

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