Allen West “The danger of a monetary policy that is printing $85 BILLION monthly to prop up a failing economy”


by Allen West via Facebook

Today’s first time jobless claims jumped and yesterday Ben Bernanke stated the Fed will continue to print money and keep interest rates low. Now, the intelligent and observant will ask, “is the economy recovering or it is artificially existing?.” Think about the danger of a monetary policy that is printing $85 BILLION per month to prop up a failing economy, consider the bubbles being created which shall eventually pop. And oh by the way, message to Jay Carney: I do question the POTUS cherry-picking implementation of laws passed and it is YOU, not me or the American people that is willfully ignorant, while you serve as the mouthpiece for someone who seems more and more a tyrant each day.


4 responses to “Allen West “The danger of a monetary policy that is printing $85 BILLION monthly to prop up a failing economy”

  1. Colonel. It is all to obvious that Ben Bernanke is riding the fence. On the one hand (pun intended), he will continue to allow Obama’s hand to remain firmly embedded in his buttock so to establish a kind of “kinship” with the ignorants of America or better known as “obama’s followers”. On the other hand, “will the real Ben Bernanke” take his place among the growing few who abandon the fraudulence of Obama in it’s entirety to save their individual integrities.
    Job reports!! Jobless reports!!
    What difference does it make? Has anybody noticed that no matter what the numbers indicate, or don’t, Obama and his cast of womb rejects will echo their most common of Shakespearean embelished wisdom. Pause: not that Obama or his cast of womb rejects have the intellectual capacity to comprehend Shakespeare.
    As you mention Jay Carney, I recall a day when he, himself, ignored the obvious truths about Benghazi to cover for his boss or bosses, being the liberal pieces of human inconvenience that they truly are.
    Colonel. You talk about the bubbles bursting as we “publish” hundreds of billions of dollars to implement Obamacare. I agree with you 100%.

    My challenge to America is this:

    For those politicians, business CEO’s and their employees, hollywood asswipes, and the mass of ignorant followers of Obama pathetics in the civilian realm, I say this with infinite seriousness:

    “If you are truly confident in the ways and mannerisms of YOUR president and you fully support his tyrannical, socialist, anti Constitutional venture, then show your courage and commitment by SIGNING a document waiving any and all rights to American values, ideals, notions of prosperity, and afforded freedoms and be accepting of your fate once your asswipe president and his ilk, or party, is removed from power. In short, liberals are thee most puppetized of political ambience.

    I dare even Obama to sign this waiver of American prosperity and values.

    Colonel. We have a lot of work to do but I am 100% convinced we can have our America back.

  2. Col I would like to know if you have any info about Martial law being implemented in the U.S is in our near future? I see a lot of articles about it and with all this going on with the Government gathering info,buying Ammo and building up our Armory’s and so on. I know your an honest person and would be straight with us.