Allen West “Please explain what is the mission of the US Armed Forces under the Obama Admin”


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Ok, let me get this right, our deployed Troops are counseled about displaying their Christian faith and told to be culturally sensitive to Muslims by not speaking of Christianity or openly showing bibles…but we can have an LGBT pride event at Kandahar (where I was stationed for two years). We are all upside down and silly me I thought that pride came in simply being called Soldier, Sailor, Airman, Marine, or Coast Guardsman (oops, that’s not even PC gender correct). I am seriously confused. Can someone please explain what is the mission of the US Armed Forces under the direction of the Obama administration?

DOD Holds First Lesbian-Gay-Transgender Pride Event in Kandahar, Afghanistan (Video) – (h/t Gateway Pundit)

Kandahar LGBT Pride –  Department of Defense

Published on Jun 28, 2013

Service members deployed to Kandahar Airfield, Afghanistan observe the 1st Lesbian, Gay, Bi-Sexual, Transgender Pride Event in a deployed environment. Service members discuss what pride means, what they hope to accomplish, and why it is important to fight for equality.


10 responses to “Allen West “Please explain what is the mission of the US Armed Forces under the Obama Admin”

  1. Obama wants all of our soldiers to be a wuss like he is.. Obama wouldnt last an hour in training of being a soldier.. He is trying to destroy the greatest army in the world and the gutless congress is letting him.. the congress is one of the biggest embarrassement we have in our country any more…they have no idea how to stand up to a fake which is even more embarrassing…But some of the things Obama has done he has no rights to do anything.. hes not a TRUE AMERICAN PRESIDENT he is the biggest fakes that has ever been in the usa..

  2. Obama is part of the Muslim brotherhood and we need to rewrite the Declaration of Independence from the Washington kings.

  3. This is why they don’t belong in the military. We are at war. This is not the way a soldier behaves. They are mocking the beliefs of the people of Afganistan and making the US look weak and foolish! They need to go back in the closet!

  4. Clarification:

    What is the mission of the United States Armed Forces? First, let’s address the more important question which is “What is the mission of and purpose of the United States”. Both of which fall under the Obama dictatorship. Now!!!

    Please allow me to bounce around subject matter before I go to guns on this particular issue and question of purpose and mission.

    It was just last week that Obama said and I quote “I should not have to act or intercede with respect to Snowden being in Russia”. Was it not the womb rejected Obama who injected his views and might into the issues of a black college professor who was approached by police officers when challenged about his intention to enter a/his house in Massachussettes? Obama’s sense of mission and purpose his both fraudulent and ignorant. Talk about profiling…

    The purpose and mission of the United States military is both fraudulent and ignorant. That is, per Obama doctrine.
    The Middle East is explosive and I would challenge Obama and/or his cast of idiots to tell me, to my face, that the world and in particular, the United States, is both safer and prosperous than at any time.

    Colonel West. The current geographic and political appeasance for global acceptance is deplorable andvshould be defined as treason. Plain and simple..
    I would, and could argue, that the U.S. is now a convenient socialistic venture. I have read articles by numerous “scholars” especially Ivy league and in particular Harvard “professors” who claim a unique understanding of why and how Obama’s policies are effective.
    Not one of them interjects military readiness and foreign policy into their childish and “by the book” theoretics. Domestic policy is all that Ivy League understands, well, they think they understand..

    I can argue and validate my interpretation of Shakespeare’s write of Hamlet. It was Hamlet who wrote Shakespeare as a sort of reverse biographical summation to write about self but as an alter ego. However, I cannot change the actual play no matter how I perceive the many possibilities. I say this because Obama and his pathetic ways and means, is self convincedvthat he can rewrite the Constitution.. Get my point?

    The mission of the U.S. military is a mission of Stand Fast. Obama never had much appreciation for Department of Defense structure or NASA intelligence and purpose. Our military is, according to Obama, a strain on international policy because of our ability to go out and defend the U.S. and her allies.

    America is no longer a country of patriotic and family values. It is a country of socialistic values and in denial of Constitutional integrity.

    Unlike any member of Obama’s family or party of political course, I took an oath to defend My Country Against ALL Enemies, Foreign AND Domestic.

    When will America get up off their ass, step away from the computer keyboard, and put their finger in the face of Obama. Literally…..