Allen West “Don’t get fooled again. Democrats trying to regain control of House in 2014”


by Allen West via Facebook

President Obama has made a decision to postpone the employer mandate of the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) until 1 Jan 2015 – which just happens to be after the 2014 mid-term elections. The Who had a song with the refrain, “We won’t get fooled again.” I implore America to not be sucker punched by Obama and the progressive socialist charlatans of the Democrat party. The Affordable Care Act is nothing more than a massive tax law that was rammed down the throats of the American people in 2010. Democrats fear having to defend it next year and they’re hoping to regain control of the House in 2014 so they can finish the job of fundamentally transforming America in Obama’s final two years — in other words, destroying our country. Don’t get fooled again!

6 responses to “Allen West “Don’t get fooled again. Democrats trying to regain control of House in 2014”

  1. I have to agree with Allen West we have to win in 2014 or American will be lost.. How so many people can still think Obam ais so great is hard to understand He lies on most ever think he does.. He admist he wasnt to be a dictator and turn Ameican in to communist and that would take our freedom away..We have to read the 48% of the ppl that bother to listen to any new.. we have to let them know Oba is not for them He is using them to get his way with communism there is so much that is wrong with what the congress is lettting Obama do in front of the faces…

  2. Curiosity prevails…..

    The days of reliable politics are now part of American history. Frankly, I am, in theory, convinced that the United States of America should become a country of martial law. If not for a brief period in our history, we can inject a vision of our forefathers, a land which by global comparison, is a design of character and patriotic fortitude.
    Remember that America??
    Martial law, for all intent and purpose, would be a tool to “weed out and truly vet” Americans. I know, the very thought of martial law in the United States of America is blasphemic, even anti American. But if logic and common sense can prevail, Obama would be deemed the anti christ and Real and True America could seek justice against Obama, his cast of idiotic womb rejects including their followers.
    The Affordable Care Act is just as devastating to America as 9/11.
    So the martial law, I would seek, would be designed to counter the current administration policy and return America to the people.
    Let me make myself clear.
    I am a retired American Soldier. I believe in America and went to war for her. I took an oath to defend America from enemies, both foreign and DOMESTIC.
    Obama and anybody close to him, are enemies of the United States. After all, in a covert manner, Obama has engaged his administration in a social, anti constitutional plan of de Americanization.
    Obama healthcare initiatives created a network of pathetic, lazy, undeserving, intellectually stupid Americans who likened Obama to theological iconism. Obama voters and followers are nothing but weak human pieces of inconvenience and they, themselves, should be held accountable.
    When all is said and done, America will have to be TAKEN BACK. Persia, Arabia, and the entire region have had their SPRING.
    America has four Seasons……….
    Keep this in mind:

    “Muslims, Obama, Illegals, Islam, Clinton, Holder, Kerry, Reid, Liberals…
    And The Difference Is??”

  3. We, as Real and True America, constantly have to defend ourselves against Obama and his cast of pathetics….

    But I will stir the pot…

    I DO NOT want, need, or desire the female version of Obama, his wife, to be associated with veterans in ANY MANNER. She is as fraudulent as a three dollar bill. Her token appreciation of and support of veterans and their families. She has done absolutely nothing except to take photo ops.

    Remember, she was not proud of “her” country until her fraudulent partner in life was elected. To those of you with a low level of intellectual bite, this simply means that had her husband not been elected, her mindset would not be any different. She would not be proud of her country to this day.

    In short, I utterly hate anything and anybody who in ANY manner, aligns themselves with anything Obama or liberal for that matter….

    I have more respect for my enemy than I do Obama. My enemy fights and dedicates to cause without seeking noteriety. Obama seeks noteriety without cause…….

    Think about it!!!

    I have spoken with friends and family. Former military, law enforcement, and intel folks.. Civilians…. Obama is not wanted or desired and for the most part, is deemed America’s enemy…