Allen West “We need to beware judicial activism” #DOMA


by Allen West via Facebook

I don’t believe when the 14th Amendment was passed to support the 13th amendment, the writers ever conceived it would be used as a catch-all for various special interest groups. And I am very concerned that special interest groups can challenge the referendum of the people and seek out their interest before the courts – and in fact overrule the democratic process by legislating from the bench. America is facing immense issues that threaten our republic — economic, energy, and national security issues –and I shall not get caught up in debates at the federal government level on legislating sexual behaviors. The states will make the final determination….but then again, we need to beware judicial activism.

6 responses to “Allen West “We need to beware judicial activism” #DOMA

  1. The problem is, awareness doesn’t go anywhere if not enough are aware. This has been going on for many, many years, but the low-information voter doesn’t see the tyranny. At least the recall process going on in AZ to rid them of Senator’s Flake and McCain mean that some voters are sick and tired of these Congressmen and are doing something about it. Only a solid maintenance of true Conservatives in the House and an improvement in the Senate by true conservatives taking over in 2014 can save us. As Newt Gingrich has said, “we need to impeach those in the judicial who will legislate from the bench”, and this includes any and all on the SCOTUS! Awareness is one thing, action is another. And as much as I love Ted Cruz, my favorite to run in 2016 is still Allen West!!!!!

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