Allen West The US Army’s simple creed says “This We’ll Defend” Happy Birthday US Army


by Allen West via Facebook

Today is Flag Day and I hope everyone takes time to recite the Pledge of Allegiance and remind ourselves of the greatness represented by this simple symbol of liberty and freedom. However, our flag wouldn’t have such a grand history if not for something else we celebrate today: the 238th birthday of the United States Army. The US Army’s simple creed says “This We’ll Defend” so how appropriate that we recognize the flag and those who take the oath to support and defend it – on the same day. From the day the Minutemen answered the call to Lexington and Concord, to those who answer the call today to deployments worldwide, the American flag has been that herald of liberty, not oppression. Army men and women leave the warmth and shelter of their homes not as conquerors, but as liberators. I’m often asked what title do I prefer, Congressman or Colonel? Well, I seek to be a good Christian, husband, and Daddy, but I shall always prefer the title American soldier — a title I share with my Dad and nephew. Happy Birthday, Army Strong!


2 responses to “Allen West The US Army’s simple creed says “This We’ll Defend” Happy Birthday US Army

  1. ETERNAL SOLDIER I AM. Not by motto, slogan, or design. I am an American Soldier by choice, model, and honor. I am not “An Army of One” but a Soldier in the Jnited States Army.
    I went.. I fought… I served… So to those who only run off with that hole up under your nose, “follow me” and be a Real and True American. Unlike Obama and his cast of idiots, I know the Real reason behind patriotism and values.
    When Obama made his first global “ego trip”, he emphasized America’s apologetic agenda. Little did he know, that it was the American Soldier, not liberal politics or Obama’s fantasy, who would be defending the Constitution of the United States, on a global level.
    Obama feared islam, and it’s pathetic muslim following, as the American Soldier battled that very same fear in honor of the American Flag. Ignorant America is quickly evolving into a puppet show and the strings are controlled by Obama and his womb rejected pathetics.
    America is being rejected on a global scale because of Obama’s weakness, TOTAL lack of political intellect, and of course Holder, Biden, Kerry, Clinton and those kiss ass military and intelligence brass.
    Our flag means nothing without the American Soldier defending her.
    Obama. Islam. Muslims. Illegals. Terrorists. Liberals.
    Under the United States flag, I served as a career Soldier… AND WOULD DO IT AGAIN…….