Allen West is the Federal Government acting with the consent of the governed?



by: Pajamasmedia

Published on Jun 12, 2013

Col. Allen West reviews the current scandals in Washington, D.C., and is amazed by the ease with which government officials lie, mislead and intimidate. Whether it is the Benghazi talking points, or the recently revealed NSA PRISM program, Col. West wonders whether the federal government is truly acting with the consent of the governed.

3 responses to “Allen West is the Federal Government acting with the consent of the governed?

  1. Well, I would way our “President” is basically AWOL (Absence without leave) most of the time. The fact of the matter is that I am not sure who is running the government, if anybody. I am not sure he is still the Commander-in-Chief as I am not sure that the active duty military would obey all his commands. I think our military will defend and protect its citizens and fight for the pursuit and defense of freedom. But, beyond that, I can’t honestly say that he is actually in control right now. Our Legislative Branch doesn’t seem to be doing its job either. When the IRS, FBI, State Department, NSA, DOJ, EPA, or even the Oversight Committee cannot any information to resolve this scandal or that scandal, then, I would say we have a serious, insidious problem – one of moral apathy. It is amazing to me that “nobody knows nothing,” nobody knows who did something, nobody knows who is investigating something or how many are investigating something, nobody know who gave the order, nobody knows is responsible. I hear things like, “I like have to check on that, or that I don’t have the names, but I will get back to you with it.” Something very serious is going on. I have this sense that we all have been sold down the river. They don’t have to answer it because they know they will never be held accountable. Why would they think that they would NEVER be accountable? We need an oversight committee to review the oversight committee – now that is ridiculous. The bottom line – our government has become way too fat. The Founding Fathers never intended this. The Federal Government will be cut in half. It will not be increased to accommodate the new HHS directives as it will not be funded. There is no money to fund it. The continual printing of dollars will be our downfall – if that hasn’t happened already. No more dollars will be printed. I am not even sure who really owns this Country anymore – China? The HHS will fall flat on its face as it cannot be implemented – too wieldy and cumbersome. Government will be unable to get it put in place in a timely manner. And, to top it all off, if it should get put into place, the costs will be unaffordable to most, and certainly to the Nation as a whole. This Country was created and based on individualism, not on some kind of collective socialism. No more increases to the Federal Debt, no more increases in taxation, no more Obamacare or HHS directives, no more increases in the number of Federal employees and their Unions (Federal employees have Unions, but they cannot Strike), no more additional layers of bureacrats, no more additional appointments, no more Obama and his Islam trends. This Country will not be colonized by Muslims. With the debt as it is, I think we all should expect that all monies coming in to us will be cut in half and even that doesn’t pay down the Federal debt – it only makes it so that we can afford to pay the interest on it. The key to a positive outcome is based primarily on one single basis – a resurgence of the “moral majority (those that believe in Christ)”, and a return to our Judea-Christian principles of Law and Order. We also need thrift and a balanced approach to all spending which is very much in align with Christian principles. So, folks, if you want to keep this Country and keep it Free and keep it Christian, it is time to open up your Bibles and start reading and praying. Don’t forget that Christ set us free and told us not to become enslaved again – Galations 5:1. Go out into your communities and “act like the Christians most of us are.” To offset the influence of Islam, wear your crosses – as a T-shirt, a piece of jewelry, your handbag, etc. The cross is very “in” this year which I doubt was an accident. The Lord works in mysterious ways. Join the “Tim Tebow Club” and pray before meals – in public. The CROSS is a powerful symbol and a clear message to those that might want to “colonize” us like what is occurring in the UK. You, too might also find some comfort from the cross, I do. My husband and I go out into the public – I always wear a cross shirt anyway, but also a cross necklace. Jesus needs some serious PR and it pleases the Father. This is a win-win outcome as this Country needs both of them right now.

  2. I would like to nominate Allen West to run for the Office of the President in 2016 with running mate Duncan Hunter Jr. Two military men in this time of terrorism and our government funding these terror nations and giving them arms to kill Americans, these to men have the experiance and the knowledge of the military and our Constitution and federal government to lead us out of this mess we’ve as a country have been led into. For two decades we have sunk lower and lower into the abyss and we need strong, intelligent men to lead us out.