Allen West joined Hannity to discuss “Bill Cosby Wanting Americans To Be More Like Muslims!”

by: Mass Tea Party

Published on Jun 11, 2013

Cosby Vs West – Cosby Wants Americans To Be More Like Muslims!

AW on Hannity

13 responses to “Allen West joined Hannity to discuss “Bill Cosby Wanting Americans To Be More Like Muslims!”

  1. I have lost ALL respect for Bill Cosby and will no longer watch any of his reruns. He should at least read the Koran and check his facts before making any statements about Muslims. Maybe he should live in a country where they practice this so called peace-full religion. Then again, celebrities only want you to hear what they have to say. Not they other way around.

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  3. In my opinion, Allen West just another washed up, hard-hearted, psuedo-christian politician seeking an opportunity to become relevant in the media. He has taken the words of Bill Cosby out context; and see this as another chance to be seen on TV. There is not one rational thinking person in America who believes that the things radical Islamist are doing is in anyway acceptable!

  4. from what I understood he didn’t say they protect their women, he said they control their women…

  5. When Bill Cosby said we should be more like the Muslims he said BLACK MUSLIMS which refer in particularly to the Nation of Islam and those that follow the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad under the leadership of the Honorable Min.Louis Farrakhan. There is no record of any honor killings, nor killings of any kind, acid being thrown in the faces of anyone especially women and children. So get your facts straight before spouting retoric to the people about Muslims. Indeed and in fact we have women in our ministry and promote the education of women. So again get yourfacts straight

  6. Sir,
    Ignorance is bliss. You are saying all Muslims commit these disgusting crimes and are extremists? May God guide you to be tolerant and moderate in your views.
    Do mass shootings occur in other religions? Do honor killings occur in other religions? Are all religious leaders without fault? You know the answers to all these questions. Stop painting the whole religion with one big ugly brush, the same way I do not and will not paint yours.
    Good day.

    • Well, Jamela, let’s look at your post. I’m not aware of any other religion that condones and claims to have even codified death as an acceptable response to someone “dishonoring” their family. Can you please point out some examples?

      “Mass shootings” (your descriptor) are generally committed by mentally deranged individuals of all different religions. Seldom are these atrocities carried out in the name of a religion. When they are, the leaders of that religion are among the first to pray for the victims and to denounce the atrocities carried out in the name of their religion. Where are the Muslims denouncing atrocities in the name of their religion? Is anyone in the Muslim community, some several billion I believe, actively speaking out about the fate of Christians in Egypt and Syria? Again, I ask you to provide me some examples proving me wrong or supporting your position that these are commonplace occurrences in other religions.

      What I have seen from Islamists is an intolerance of nearly everything this nation stands for and the call for Sharia law to be implemented wherever they are. I have not seen nor have I heard from anyone within that community denouncing the violent actions of others in their name. Therefore, by their silence I can only surmise that they are in agreement. It gets hard not to paint Islam with a broad brush when there doesn’t seem to be any other colors on the pallet.

      Good day to you, too.

  7. West is 100% right?!! R u kidding me? You wanna talk facts??’n. Alright, as of 2010 every 1 out of 5 women in the US have been raped, kids by the age of 12 have already had sex, drank alcohol etc, screwed up kids browing up middle a schools, bullling other kids, kids being mulasted by their own fathers & uncles, America has killed more ppl in War in the history than any other country!! Women are NOT allowed to be beaten in Islam, you ignorant Jerk! The women in Saudi are not allowed to drive but they do have shoffars who takes them where they need to go to keep them safe!!!! There are bad ppl who exist in every race & religion that doesn’t mean our religion is bad! Every other politician in the US are having an affair with a prostitute or has a mistress, he’s probably one of them! Guess what, we don’t allow this kind of behavior in Islam! I’m a woman, I cover because our GOD told us to! We only display our beauty to our husband, why is this such difficult thing for ppl! Why do u ppl care? What the hell is he talking about mutilation, that’s not correct! Is he getting Islam confused with different cultural background?! He named like 4 or 5 insistence, ok shall I get my list out? You get beheaded for killing an innocent person, in America we just get a kick out of someone’s wrongfull death & make movies out of it, for example Arias!!!!

  8. Where are u getting your “facts” from? Dr. google, perhaps?! Women are protected & taken care of in Islam, my money is my & my husbands money is also mine! We cover because that’s what our God instructed us to do to protect ourselves! Here are some facts, 1 out of 5 women in the US have been raped, children by the age of 12 are having sex, drinking, smoking etc, school bulling, what about those Christian boys who killed innocent kids in school shooting, fathers raping daughters, teachers having sex with students, politicians having sex with prostitutes (look up political sex scandal), what about Jodi Arias (what a joke, she stabbed a man 30 times & now this is entertainment for America), guess what, she would have been beheaded by now in the Muslim world, that’s why stuff like this don’t happen there! Look up how many people the US have slaughtered in war, more than any other country in the history. Women in Saudi don’t drive but guess what, they go shopping & hangout with their girls driven around by their shoffars & they have servants. I’m free to wear what I want but I Made the decision to follow my religion, so don’t think that we’re forced!!! Just because there are some bad people who are Muslims doesn’t mean we’re ALL bad. My husband doesn’t oppress me, it’s my fellow Americans who oppresses me & makes me feel afraid to leave the house. Shame on you Mr. West for being disrespectful & inaccurate regarding the 2nd largest religion in the WORLD!