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The Obama Capitulation Campaign – His foreign policy has weakened the U.S. abroad


This week was started with Memorial Day, a day when we remember those who gave the ultimate sacrifice for this great American republic. We in the West household each expressed what Memorial Day meant to us.


Our exchange student Lin explained “Soldier’s Day” in China to us. On that day, the Chinese remember the horrors of World War II, such as the rape of Nanking. Our youngest daughter, Austen, read Lincoln’s “Gettysburg Address,” the greatest remembrance speech for the fallen. Still today, we all must commit that those honored dead did not sacrifice their lives in the Civil War in vain.


Our family also spent Memorial Day watching the marathon of war movies on the TCM and AMC cable channels. The list included “The Longest Day,” “The Green Berets,” “The Dirty Dozen,” “The Devil’s Brigade,” “Saving Private Ryan” and “The Patriot.” The theme in every one of those depictions of Americans in combat is that we don’t surrender. We never give up.


However, just a week before Memorial Day President Barack Obama took the stage at the National Defense University and did something reprehensible for Americans. He capitulated.


Obama basically stated that we have not had any major terrorist attacks on American soil. Wrong! He refused to acknowledge the attacks at Fort Hood, Texas, the Boston Marathon and even the U.S. consulate in Benghazi, Libya, which is American soil.


Obama tried to convey that neither he nor any other American president could defeat terror. He then said this war, like all other wars, must end. But for Americans, we realize that wars end in one of two ways – win or lose. The enemy also has a vote, and just because you do not want to continue the fight has no meaning for them. As a matter of fact, it only emboldens them.


Chinese wrongs that go unpunished


Next week Obama meets with Chinese President Xi Jinping in California. I would have recommended meeting him at Camp Pendleton.


The United States just suffered another massive Chinese cyber attack, this time against the Pentagon in an attempt to steal weapons platform information. We know the exact origin of these attacks, just outside Shanghai. The Chinese government continues to deny any involvement, just blaming this on “hackers.” However, our intelligence community is well aware of a dedicated, specialized Chinese unit for such cyber attacks.


The cyber attacks are not the only Chinese threat. The country is undergoing a wholehearted military expansion, having increased its military spending and developed greater capability for its forces. In concert with this expansion, the Chinese have acted aggressively toward the Senkaku Islands (Japanese) and the Scarborough Shoals (Phillipines), and they have made incursions into India.


Can you imagine being Taiwan right now, especially in light of the abject silence coming from the Obama administration? And let us not forget the belligerence of North Korea – actions that we can be assured have complete Chinese backing.


According to Obama, the United States was supposed to pivot away from the Middle East to focus on the Pacific Rim. We have not pivoted at all.


Mayhem in the Middle East


In the Middle East, meanwhile, the situation has severely deteriorated. Radical Islamists and the Muslim Brotherhood have a firm hold from the Maghreb (North Africa) into the Middle East. Syria has become the next chaotic battleground, and our reticence to engage early has resulted in an untenable ground situation.


Just recently Russia supplied the Syrian government with state-of-the-art anti-aircraft weapons. Let me ask you a simple rhetorical question: How many aircraft does the opposition in Syria possess? Yep, that is right, none.


But who does possess aircraft? Yep, you are right again – Israel and America, no-fly zone. This is not going to be like Libya. Well, it could, thanks to Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., who wants to arm the radical Islamists in Syria just like we did in Libya.


When the world sees capitulation and weakness embodied in our commander-in-chief, it is an aphrodisiac for the wolves that now salivate. Iran clearly sees a window of opportunity to become the dominant hegemony in the region, totally unchallenged.


Capitulation has left our best ally in the Middle East, Israel, facing a multi-front conflagration. Capitulation means we are truly on the verge of World War IV, with the Cold War being World War III.


Capitulation is another word for losing


No, Mr. President, the U.S. military prison that houses terrorists in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, has nothing to do with history judging us or inspiring hatred and more terrorist attacks. Capitulation intoxicates those who would seek to destroy our way of life.


Obama’s speech at National Defense University will never make a Memorial Day movie because it does not honor the unique American quality of the quest for victory, which he said will be defined differently going forward.


The next generation needs a leader who can define victory just as a real American president, Ronald Reagan, once did: “We win; they lose.”


The question we must ask ourselves: Do we care to have an American leader, or shall we settle for a weak, incompetent, corrupt, petty charlatan? It seems the election of 2012 gave us a very troubling answer.


Steadfast and Loyal,

Allen B. West


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