“Fear of a Black Republican” Join Allen West, director Kevin Williams, Niger Innis and Kevin Jackson for film screening

Please join Allen West For a special film screening of :


“Fear of a Black Republican”

with special guests:

Kevin Williams – the film’s director

Niger Innis – National Spokesman, Congress of Racial Equality

Kevin Jackson – radio host and author of “The Big Black Lie”

Friday, May 31st, 2013

VIP Reception 5:30 pm to 6:30 pm

Film screening 6:30 pm

DoubleTree by Hilton, Deerfield Beach-Boca Raton, 100 Fairway Drive, Deerfield Beach, FL 33441

VIP Reception: $100  Individual/$150 couple  Film screening: $25

For more information 561-997-6776  info@allenwestfoundation.org

CLICK HERE TO ORDER TICKETS: AllenWestGuardianFund.com

2 responses to ““Fear of a Black Republican” Join Allen West, director Kevin Williams, Niger Innis and Kevin Jackson for film screening

  1. Is it me or is it because “racism” or “racist agenda” remains the identifier of the democratic party? Simply stated, the Klu Klux Klan, skin heads, and any group including the Tea Party, have the distinction of being the ONLY racist group in America. And based on the ignorance of democratic intellectualism, which is non-existent by the way, habitually denying the pathetic existence of the Black Panthers. This is the fault of BOTH the democratic and republican party. Ok!! Mainly the democrats.
    The fact that black republicans have to resort to “hollywood” tactics (this movie), in an effort solidify their very existence, is in itself, racism. Again, this is the fault of the republican party. If republicans are to be the party of logic, common sense, moral and ethical obedience, and family and patriotic values, then why not forego black and white America, instead, focus on the American America.
    Instead of hyphenating America, how about resurrecting America?
    Democrats talk about society. Republicans talk about values. America does not need a society. America needs values.
    Look!! Obama and Biden were elected twice. This indicates the success of civil rights and is no longer an issue of equality, but an issue of followers versus leaders.
    Followers being the democrats and leaders being republicans. Duhh!!
    Black America is as phony as a three dollar bill. By that I mean they only know what they are told or what version of history intrigues them. The proof??
    Retired Army General Colon Powell. Former republican, votes for Obama, and yet, still calls himself a republican. Talk about the black vote. He openly admits to voting for Obama partially because he is black and the rest of his reasoning is based on his, Powell’s assertion, that Obama will do good for America.
    And in fact he has.
    Fast and Furious.. Benghazi.. IRS.. Racial politics.. Foreign policy failure as in Syria and Iran.. Caving to bleeding heart liberalism with acts such as Obamacare, illegal alien appeasement, blaming America for the worlds woes, calling terrorist attacks “workplace violence”, and the list goes on.
    A little tidbit.. Currently, Burma/Myanmar is in the beginning stage of battling muslims, and being a Buddhist country, one would assume Obama’s great foreign policy expert, John Kerry would begin an effort. Obama knows not of foreign policy..
    The point to this post/rant is that blacks in America are just American like everybody else. American!!!
    Republicans know this but the ignorance of the democrats overwhelms value, thus limiting the chances of another black president including a republican president.
    I am white, wife is black. We are republicans not conservatives. We are Americans, not hyphenated. We adore the Constitution. We work hard. I am a veteran of the Iraq war and retired U.S. Army. We ask for nothing and take nothing. We are animal friendly to the core and our family and patriotic values are very strong.
    I went.. I fought.. I served.. so besides running of with your mouths, what have you done? I fought and served for all of America. Unlike the desires of democrats who only fight for their party..
    Colonel West. Surely you don’t read many of these posts but if you did, and listened to the intellectual perspective on here, you would run in 16….