WATCH Allen West speak at the Young America’s Foundation


Published on May 9, 2013 

Recorded on 4/20/13 – Captured Live on Ustream at :



One response to “WATCH Allen West speak at the Young America’s Foundation

  1. I don’t know if this mean anything to you, but I am putting up ads on the Air Force, Bombers, Helicopters and USA Military Powers. Now, maybe it is just a celebration for the upcoming Memorial Day because I have been planning to do something special for our veterans. However, when I do it because my spouse brought home a bunch of books – particularly on the Air Force, you just never know. You might want to keep your ears and eyes open. Also, John Bona wrote to me today – again, I have also been having problems reaching him in the past, but he is a good man that believes that our Liberty is due to our Faith, and of course, he is right. If you have ever heard his radio program, it is fascinating and his voice has a calming affect on me. His background in History is amazing. From the very beginning, he spotted me – even before I completely knew what would be happening. So, you have another positive, spiritual force in Florida. Things are starting to “happen” in Florida and it should because there has been much corruption there too. I also told him to “Go with God.” There are very few people (just 2) of you that I have said that to. You will find him to be quite righteous and faithful. Kerry