Whose side is he on?


3 responses to “Whose side is he on?

  1. I’ve been wondering that for a long time. I dealt with some immigration issues the other day – a little bit on visas and I lambasted one of Obama’s “appointed” that was addressing the church, religion and the military. He probably could have been convicted of a “hate” crime. He is the new Jewish guy that wants nobody practicing religion in the military. It is true there is separation between religion and state, but on their Free time, they could do as they pleased including attending church services. I also told him any and all soldiers can have access to the Chaplains. Christianity by its very nature assists soldiers during difficult periods and makes stronger men. To take any of this way, I would have to question our governments true intention. I am getting tired of fighting this one – same type issue a month or two ago. This new appointment of Obama’s is not a good man – Jewish or not. This ties into what you are talking about as I, to, see a rather large influx of Muslims. They have nearly taken over the UK. We need to be speaking to the leader of India. Somehow, or other, all religions stay in check there. I wear a lot of hats and I fight a lot of battles every day. Many will say that is not my job, I should be peace loving and make a joyful noise. That was not my calling, the first says, I fight Destruction And for all that is good. I have no fear as I am not alone. Do you think I came up with those 2 sentences? Not me. I need to be as Margaret Thatcher and Ronald Regan. We did not honor Margaret Thatcher, but we did Chavez.

    Colonel West I am biting on Obama’s backside continually as well as so many others. People will find my words – no matter where they are placed. I have written on immigration a couple of times as well as religion, chaplains in the military. I have written on abortion many times, etc. But, we do need to watch our leaders – something is up and I have no idea on who to trust, but we, do need to find out about his connections with Muslims. Hopefully, it is just his “Peace and Paradise” ravings. Stupid man – “stupid is as stupid does.” Threat – yes, but, still stupid to underestimate the American People. He is currently falling from Grace. Now, if they would just impeach the guy. Not to work, when the time comes for any action, we will be given that which we need and you can take that to the bank!

    Have a Blessed weekend.