Allen West “Do not fall back into complacency, nor become alarmists, but become educated”


by Allen West (via Twitter and Facebook)

@AllenWest Already we have useful idiots with apologetic stances. Americans, don’t become complacent. Know your enemy & learn about the 21st Century battlefield

I pray everyone enjoyed a nice weekend. However, we must all remain vigilant and resilient. America suffers from a high level of attention deficit disorder and we become distracted by the sound bite. Let me share with you a favorite axiom of the Taliban I learned in Afghanistan: “Americans may have watches but we have the time.”

One week ago today we were reminded of the savage, calculating barbarism of radical Islamists. And sadly enough we already have useful idiots seeking apologetic stances. I humbly request we all do as Sun Tzu stated in “The Art of War” and know your enemy. Do not fall back into complacency, nor become alarmists, but become educated on the nature of the 21st century battlefield. Furthermore, as we go forward, elect leaders, not just empty vessels of rhetoric.

4 responses to “Allen West “Do not fall back into complacency, nor become alarmists, but become educated”

  1. I couldn’t stand anymore news today. I’m sick of all the coverage on a loser. As a good citizen John Glenn said, show me something good. The media, Fox included, has analyzed, prognosticated, espoused so many theories on the bombing in Boston. Geraldo Rivera, a media dumbass, has apologized to his Muslim brothers and sisters for any slight that might be directed toward them because of the events. He was too busy sucking up to them to mention the dead and injured.

    The media wanted so badly for this to be some ball cap wearing, beer drinking, right wing nut job with a Christian background. Instead, it was a couple of ball cap wearing, beer drinking, left wing nut job, performing Jihadi on America. Of course no apologies have been forthcoming.

    Our government has answers to some of the questions, but we will probably never get answers. Why did Michelle Obama visit a Saudi national in the hospital but no other victims? Why were they not on a watch list since the FBI had questioned the older brother? And the list goes on.

    But, I said I was tired of it all, so here are my “positives” to a crappy situation. Our government (republicans and democrats alike) never give the American people much credit for anything. They always assume we will panic and everything will go to hell in a hand basket. It didn’t happen in 2001, why now?

    We fuss, we fume, we disagree. We are Americans, we are not communist–yet–so we voice our opinions. It would seem that these terrorist groups would learn. If they think they will scare us they are wrong (they may startle us for a moment). We get really pissed, then we band together in a huge, juggernaut of arms and legs but mainly spirits.

    When our children and innocent people (regardless of national origin) are harmed, we become a force of one. One body, one group, one nation. Unlike other nations, we do not care the color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, national origin or even citizenship of those who join us.

    We all hate evil. We despise cowards (these bombers, well all bombers are cowards). We have accomplished so much in this nation. Where would the world be without that indomitable spirit that drives us? Almost everything good in this world was either discovered or designed here, or manufactured by Americans.

    The land where an impoverished immigrant comes, works hard and makes a success of the American dream. A nation that will send resources, even to our enemies in serious time of need. Earthquakes, Tsunamis, Floods, you name it we have provided aid for it.

    The people in Boston did not whine, cry and beg an answer to “why us”? When the evil struck, ordinary people became heroes. An injured brother or sister was just that. None of the petty differences mattered. Some do not believe in God (but even they put forth a dogged effort to help). But for those of us who do have faith, we saw God bring goodness to strangle the evil that came.

    Bostonians may have felt totally isolated for a while, but they never were alone. From the north, west, east and south, their American brothers and sisters prayed, made donations, and prayed some more. Then we saw the devastation in West, Texas. It took somewhat of a back seat to the terrorist attack. But we prayed for them, made donations, and prayed some more.

    To those who haven’t figured it out yet, listen close. Americans never run out of hope, compassion, love and patience. But for our enemies, once we take care of our own, you must learn, we will right the wrongs. We are forgiving, but don’t play us as weak for it.

    At the end of the day, when the peace settles over our land, we reflect on our blessings. And we each realize just what it means to be… American.