One response to “Allen West on Cavuto: Obama’s policies hurting black Americans most

  1. I’m going to stick with calling this a Socialist/Democrat plan to breed Useful Idiots (any race will do) beginning in our government and union run school systems. The primary purpose is for growing a indoctrinated voter base believing in a given set of entitlement needs as theirs. All this is done on the backs of the tax payers and I mean all tax payers over time. The real beneficiary of this multiple program plan are the Democrat politicians, Administrators and those that contribute to the Democrat party. Never is or was the plan intended to help the people from poverty or having many people become financially independent. This plan is to do it better than Greece because we can print money. The useful idiots of Greece got hit with their epiphany that the government has now run out of other people’s money. And the once useful are now useless idiots for the party that created them. This is what the Democrats must avoid for as long as they can so they can financially benefit as a self-serving plan. At this point as long as the real unemployment rate stays above 12.5 % the government dependant voter base grows as industry growth remains flat. Printing more monopoly money will cause inflation bringing more people into the poverty level. The return for implementing a corrective action plan won’t happen until the lower middle class and poor hit bottom together as happened in the UK. At that point the Republican Party must have the likes of a Ronald Reagan and Margret Thatcher in waiting to lead. they will also need full backing of most state governors
    The short cut for placing us on a corrective course is to be rid of Obama before his 2nd term ends. He must be fully exposed for what he has done along with his administration. We The People will take care of the remaining enemies in the voter booth.