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  1. I know this may seem to be old birther news, but I wish we were more focused on the issue that Obama never should have been able to make it to the US Senate. Why? Because he was never vetted by a FSO for the processng of a federal security background investigation. I work as a federal contractor deploying secured networks at new constructed 3 letter agencies. Every employee must have a active Top Secret security clearance to even enter the fenced in area of each site. As the building is populated with more network equippment the level of security clearances raise to SCI. And yet no one had vetted our president and commander in chief. What in God’s name are we doing in an effort to help We The People know whom it is they are voting for as our county’s political leaders and state representatives?
    If it is a requirement for the citizens to be vetted by a federal background investigation to proof we are upstanding, honest, responsible and model citizens, the same should apply for all those representing us and especially as POTUS.

    Lets focus on the problem. What say you Allen West?

    • I absolutely agree with your post 100%.

      Retired from US Army and a combat veteran, I am beginning the process of applying to government agencies. Thinking my only chance might be to change last name to Obama.

      Look!! The problem in America today is not of a political nature so much as it is a nature of who you are and know, and how to appease the weak minded into a tunnel of “bleeding hearts”.

  2. I would encourage you to look at the “Big Picture”. The New World Order requires the death and destruction of the Current World Order. The majority, in both parties, in Washington are committed NOT to the United States but to the New World Order… One World Government, One World Economy, One World Religion. Borders must fail, Flags must be lowered, the Dollar and the Euro must fail and those crazy, Born Again Christians who refuse to view their religion as “One among many equals”, must be eradicated. Only then can the New World Order come into its own. These are not random failures fueled by ignorance; this is the execution of a carefully drafted plan.

  3. Patheticism!!

    The very theme that Obama and his cast of ignorants portray as American ideals.

    Orwellian media, I know as a matter of factly, iconically dwells on ratings, follow on greed, and intellectual failure. So to be Orwellian, they would have have an ounce of intellectual prose. The media, including FOX, has deviated from basic informational reporting, to “demographic” reporting which coincides with greed and fallacious matter. Obama is an
    obvious token of blasphemic Constitutional interpretation or mis..

    Economic policy, national security/defense, gun rights, illegal aliens, political corruption on all levels, union greed and criminal existence, highest levels of criminal activities against consumers, environmental failures and most importantly, our foreign policy failures and our standing around the globe. Do you not think that these issues are more important than rewriting history and giving new meaning to Lincoln?

    Being s straightforward Republican, I choose logic and common sense as my value system. I am a combat veteran and believe that Obama is more an enemy of the United States than bin Laden. Bin Laden chose a side, and though he was/is my enemy, he drew his weapon on s theology based war. Obama has chosen a war against the common American based on no ideology, but a policy of altered Constitutional responsibility therefore dividing America based on his ignorance.

    America.. Stand up!! Stand with America’s Republican veterans who are your very best choice to take America back and lead into the future.

    Colonel West sir, I for one, have your back……

  4. Actually, this administration wants us to forget ‘Benghazi’, when four great American heroes, including US Ambassador Christopher Stevens, were viciously assassinated by the al Qaeda from Syria, who had been armed with military weapons by this administration, through Turkey, with the aid of a Turkish diplomat who also, just prior to the Ambassador’s death in a basically insecure area, pinpointed Stevens’ exact location, having just had dinner with him; and ‘somebody’ alerted the al Qaeda as to his specific location, after which the ‘Syrian’ al Qaeda rushed in and, using the military weaponry which had been ‘run’ through Turkey to the Syrian al Qaeda, to which Ambassador had been an innocent witness to the gun-running of hundreds of tons of military weapons, and who must now be ‘eliminated’, or this administration would be exposed for their ‘covert’ gun-running, which resulted in the deaths of more than seventy thousand Syrian citizens, and displacement of tens of thousands more, the al Qaeda responded to that scenario, and ‘eliminated’ the honorable witness, to which no aid was sent to save him, or the two seals and the other brave hero in Libya. And that is why there has been a ‘cavalcade’, and a ‘barrage’ of all of the speeches, and ‘classified data’ regarding Benghazi, with the ‘fiscal cliff’, the supposed ‘sequestration’, many of Obama’s ‘out-of-touch’ vacations, holidays, State-to-State speeches, ‘gun control’, ‘Obamacare’, bypassing Congress to make or change laws and government regulations, and a cascade of other confusion factors, so that the ‘Benghazi’ assassination would be put far from our minds, and evidence be destroyed or lost…Need I say more? I think not.

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