Allen West Guardian Fund “The left-wing media and the Dem attack machine want nothing more than for us to fail”


Dear Friends:

Tomorrow March 31st marks the first critical fundraising deadline for the Allen West Guardian Fund. Trust me when I tell you-the radical left will use the numbers we report as a benchmark for the strength of the conservative movement.

We’ve set a goal to raise $250,000 before midnight on Sunday, but Sunday is Easter. Like you, I plan to attend Church and spend the day with my family. That’s why I’m urgently asking for your support right now.

Will you follow this link right away to donate $25, $50, $100 or more to the Guardian Fund? 

Already, my 2012 opponent is coming out firing. He recently told supporters in an email:

“Knowing Allen West is back means we will once again have to fight against his millions even if it is not his name on the ballot.”

My former opponent and his liberal allies would love nothing more than to see us fail and for the conservative movement to go down with us. This alone should be incentive to make sure we reach our $250,000 goal before Sunday’s midnight deadline!
So please follow this link right this minute to donate $25, $50, $100 or more to the Guardian Fund and help us reach our goal. 




3 responses to “Allen West Guardian Fund “The left-wing media and the Dem attack machine want nothing more than for us to fail”

  1. Every day it seems we are going to have to fight more against a Shariah compliant News Media and Politicians. I think what really pisses me off and many of my friends and associates is how many people have bought into “this can’t happen here” thought process. I have family in France and my cousin’s friends say the Americans are witnessing all of this with their “eyes wide shut”. What they mean is this stealthy Socialist/Jihad movement has been birthing in America well before Obama the puppet became Senator and we sit by watching it grow and all starting in our government run school systems with our minds closed to it. They saying. once you allow the schools and labor groups to indoctrinate 3 generation of our kids and that only takes 30 years, you should expect the socialist to have established its voter base foundations. We should always look at Europe, and for current events Greece for what’s coming our way. The US population has forgot their roots (US Constitution) and all the historical records for why so many European people came to America and from what they were escaping.
    They also say what so many Americans don’t remember or know, it was the first generation US Europeans that came to america and created the US Constitution as a guide to prevent Socialism, Communism and Marxism from gaining a foothold. Thinking if you give people freedoms and liberty they won’t consider going back to the failed ways of European governance. But if kids don’t know american and world history they will repeat the old ways of the government controling its people.
    So, now because the Americans are still asleep and not knowing the history of Islam they will also have to fight them or live with their rules and laws as well. Many young Europeans see this happening in our news reporting on CNN for never telling all the truth about Muslims and what they have done in their schools through intimidation and how there are more new Mosque’s in France than Churches. The US news press and news media has already become Shariah compliant in the US.

    The people of France and Germany especially know this as we sleep as a nation with our eyes and mind wide shut. God bless the next generation of American children as the schooled useful idiots only to find themselves useless and expendable. Think of Greece and the people of the Middle East for their progress as a civil and fair society but do this with our eyes and minds wide open please.