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Democracy And Priorities – The court clash over gay marriage and its impact

I enjoy the multiple televisions on display in the PJ Media newsroom because I can contrast news coverage on Fox, CNN and MSNBC. But I admit that as the day winds down, and especially amid March Madness, we drop MSNBC for ESPN. Funny thing, watching ESPN rather than MSNBC actually makes you more enlightened.

I noticed on the TVs this week that two of the three stations gave incredible prime coverage to one topic, gay marriage. This is obviously a very emotional issue, and the cable stations presented the news through an emotional prism.

My take? Marriage is between a man and a woman to support the furtherance of a society through the creation of progeny. I support the traditional family structure, though sadly that structure is being decimated in the black community. However, I also support civil unions, and one can bet that the vicious gay rights lobby will come out with its predictable vehement attacks against this statement.

But that begs a question: How does one get particular rights based upon sexual behavior? I thought John Locke first established that we all have the inalienable rights of life, liberty, and estate (property). I have been checking the Constitution a lot since January 2009, especially the Bill of Rights, because it seems that now everything is a right when most presumed rights actually are privileges.

A threat to the will of the people

This brings me to my real point about this week’s U.S. Supreme Court hearing of oral arguments in two cases about gay marriage and the ensuing media attention. America is a constitutional republic, and our political process is executed through a democratic system of electorate voting.

One case before the court is over the “constitutionality” of Proposition 8, which bans same-sex marriage in California. The issue was presented as a referendum to the people back in 2008, and they passed it, joining other states that have voted to not allow same-sex marriage.

This is where and how the issue should be settled, as states issue marriage licenses. Do not query me about the states that previously banned interracial marriage. Race is not behavioral, so there truly is no basis for comparison. And no, I do not equate the civil rights movement to the “gay rights” movement.

The most disturbing aspect of the Proposition 8 case before court is not the issue itself. My concern is that the referendum of the people has been disregarded. The people of California voted for Proposition 8.

Now we see a special-interest group, a minority special interest group that refuses to accept the referendum of the people, seeking to have the court system legislate and overturn the will of the people. This is a clear violation of our democratic process, and a dangerous precedent is being established.

In the other case before the high court, we see a previous president (Bill Clinton) speaking against a bill (the Defense of Marriage Act) that he signed into law. This is a dangerous precedent as well, whereby a past executive undermines the rule of law.

These are the story lines we should be hearing from the media, not the overly emotional aspect that has no lasting effect upon our republic.



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  1. I did my “thing” today – went into the Democratic fox hole of MSNBC and they got an earful of everything they probably did not want to know or hear. It may help them sell papers, but it was also to make them aware that “tolerance” must be practiced by all – that is not a Democratic privilege, Of course, the casual use of the word “racist” was overused and lacked merit. From there to “political correctness” and you know how I feel about that. If more people could actually make their points with facts as opposed to “feelings,” maybe the Truth would surface more. I went somewhere else too that was hostile to Conservatives. I am quite respectful – can’t win a case without it. Logic – somebody really needs to go down that road with bloggers. I agree about the Marriage thing – a big waste of time when there are more pressing issues. However, I will say this regarding nuclear capability. Knowledge, like Nature, can never be contained. A strong military force will help deter opposing Countries, but a state of the art defense system, I would strongly encourage. If someone sends up a missile, we need to be able to bring it down. Hubby did his garage sale/estate sale thing and brought home a military coat – super trench type coat – impervious to water and zipper lined in warmth, and a small size too. He thinks I will sell it – nope. He also brought home a book called “Writer’s Market.” I also stumbled across the Hub Spot last night which is the place for Authors. There was some fascinating information there – a lot of it – author after author. And, on Facebook, I told part of my story. – there are people starving for the Hope of Christ. It is a slippery slope. I have many good and Powerful stories as well as the not so good. Facebook is not really the avenue for such. I have seen and experienced some amazing things, but, then a lot of people that get my age have too. Miracles happen every single day and are seldom seen, or recognized for what they really are. I would question any medical doctor if they told me that they have never seen a miracle – that would be hard for me to believe. Even I have been questioned as to whether I knew God and that came from doctors. However, that is one of those questions that can land you in a mental institution even if you are perfectly sane. It is a shame that some of these kinds of stories cannot be told. People want them, people love them. I understand. I may cautiously venture down a few paths, but, of course, any author can take creative liberties, but in my case, that doesn’t quite fit right. I can probably make a believer out of a lot of folks and maybe that is what I should be doing more of – great stories of great love. Leave it to me though to run into an agnostic psychiatrist. As far as I know, they still do “shock” treatments 🙂 Ah well – if there is a will, there is a way. Have a super Easter, enjoy your lovely family and let them know you love them with all your heart. Children are only on loan and time is fleeting.