Patriotically Correct with Tanya


by Tanya Clark-Grimsley

First things first. Here is the link to the article by Carl Gallups printed on Western Journalism.

Allen West Won’t Help Expose Obama’s Ineligibility 

I ask you to read it before reading my thoughts. That way you are allowed to asses the situation. Did you look for citations, proof, audio, video, the alleged email…. anything resembling more than Mr. Gallups words? As an attendee of CPAC 2013 and a witness to how the schedule works for those like LTC Allen West. Do we know in fact if he made these comments? I truly hope you will do a  little investigation. Allen West’s schedule was so jammed packed, they had minute by minute interviews and places he had to be. It was very structured and organized. If you wanted a photo, you could be at his booth at a certain time and get one. If you…

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