Allen West “The greatest nation in the world is begging for respect and has become a laughing stock in the Middle East.”

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by Allen West via Facebook and Twitter

If this were not so serious I would be ROTFLMAO. President Obama steps up and says he has kept a campaign promise and withdraws all US forces from Iraq. Now, Secretary of State John Kerry is in Iraq begging them to stop allowing Iranian forces to transit through Iraq into Syria. In August 2011, I was part of a US Congressional visit – no Democrats were there – and heard PM Netanyahu request we do not empty our troop presence in Iraq which would create a vacuum to be filled by Iranian hegemonic dominance. Iraqi PM al-Maliki is just a tool of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. Way to go Pres Obama, the greatest nation in the world is begging for respect and has become a laughing stock in the Middle East.


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  1. Isn’t this the goal? The real support of this administration is with the Muslim world.

    • You are so right Rebecca, I’m so happy at least you and I both see this very clearly… where is everyone else on this matter???

  2. Yes We are the laughing stock of the world. I’ve been saying this since BO’s first term. He is a failure to not only Our Country but to the world. A Laughing Stock to everyone who voted for him.

  3. that is part of his plan to ruin the United States, He hates America and is doing everything in his power to bring her down……. I really wish that more politicians would grow some balls and do something to stop him!!! The man is evil…..

    • I think we need to bring back the birther issue and hard. If Obama were to have had a Federal Security Background Investigation performed on him when he ran for the Senate we wouldn’t even know his name today. If this were required of all politicians over half of them wouldn’t have been chosen as our representatives. Shout out for Mandatory Background Investigations for all those that work for We The People.

      • We with the help of Allen West can make our voices be heard. Remember these background investigations are required of Armed Services personnel and Federal contractor working in the government space. This is nothing outragious that we should know whom it is we vote for.

  4. We are the laughing stock on the streets of Amman Jordan as they are amazed and dumbfounded how the American people have accepted a Shariah style News media and do not understand Obama’s politics in the Middle East. They absolutely fear and hate our president for siding with the Muslim Brotherhood.

  5. Sir, I live In Mi. 64yrs. old, I have 20yrs 11mo an 7days in the Army, Iam retired. I watch the news almost everyday,verry depressing to say the least. I always thought ariving back to the world from Veitnam was the worst that could happen, I am WRONG, this Nation that we did nothing wroung, and everything right for, (in our eyes), is now falling into the hands of the kind of leadership that would ever give our rights, or our GREAT NATION, away to the highest bider! I could go on an on, my point is,I have been following you for two years, I like your thoughts and what stand for an I just wan’t to Thank You for what an how you stand up for the people!

  6. This is not slander, it is factual that occured at CPAC. WHY won’t West call out the fraud usurper destroying America? SOMEONE with a public pulpit MUST support those who are attempting to expose the fraud instead of enabling him! As it appears West is choosing to do. Are you going to allow this post to stand? “Pastor Gallups: “…when everything was said and done, he saw all the evidence that caused very important people on Capitol Hill and at CPAC to have their jaws on the table and to say to us ‘we will do further things’ and that’s all I can tell you right now. So, Allen West, this so-called “champion” of the Conservative cause, he hears and sees the very same stuff—here’s his reaction, ‘Well I can’t do anything with this because I might run for political office.’ I kid you not! And THAT’S what’s wrong with Washington! You know—and because he’s supposed to be the champion of the conservative movement so people are fooled by him—He’s not near the man you might think he is.
    In response to Colonel West’s shocking betrayal for the reason of protecting his political aspirations, this honorably discharged US Army veteran, (11-Charlie—Infantry Heavy Mortar; 13-E—Artillery Fire Direction Control, and O.J.T. Armor Crewman, M-60A2) who has up to now been among Alan West’s strongest supporters, humbly exhorts the colonel to lead, follow, or get the Hell out of the way –”

    • You did not slander anyone. You spoke your mind and you were justified in doing so. Please also be advised this is a personal website and not owned, run or operated by anyone affiliated with LTC Allen West. As for your above statements, while everyone is entitled to their own opinions you would do best to state them to him. He has twitter, facebook and two websites you may also like to post your feelings like you did here. Also, he is not the only one not addressing this issue. There are many strong conservatives who are also not doing so. I hope you are avidly pursuing them as well. Thanks for you comment.

  7. Quote:”Another colonel who served with honor in the United States Army—former Lt. Col. Terrence Lakin, a surgeon in America’s finest, the 101st Airborne Division of the US Army, the ‘Screaming Eagles’ with which all Army personnel are familiar with if only by the cadence called in virtually every training battalion in the Army: ‘One “O” One…, Patch on my shoulder…, Pick up your weapon and follow me…, I am the Airborne Infantry!’ comes to mind. I’m sure you are familiar with the cadence called. The dedication to Doctor Lakin’s book ‘Officer’s Oath’ reads “Why my vow to defend the Constitution demanded that I sacrifice my career.” How brilliantly Dr. Lakin’s statement of sacrifice stands out in contrast to your response to Pastor Carl Gallups which epitomizes a spirit of self-preservation, self-aggrandizement.

    Dr. Lakin was reduced in rank, court martialed, sentenced to serve time in Ft. Leavenworth military prison, and dishonorably discharged for simply requesting—as is his duty in keeping with the officer’s oath he took to defend the Constitution—authentication that his purported commander-in-chief did in fact legally occupy said rank and wield the military authority of said rank before re-deploying to a combat theater of operations where he would have, once again, served as a surgeon attending to American wounded. He was not concerned with future opportunities he may have had to run for political office.

    Another retired US Army colonel, Colonel (Ret.) Lawrence Sellin, elaborates on the critical state of affairs in which America presently finds herself in a shockingly sobering interview with constitutionally eligible 2012 presidential candidate Dr. Laurie Roth. Col. Sellin postulates that only rebellion can save the American experiment in government of the people from failure upon the path that the United States is presently heading towards political and economic catastrophe.

    Perhaps Col. (Ret.) Allen West will reconsider his priorities on the matter of the criminal usurpation of the presidency by a fraud, and forger, and worse: a Muslim practicing taqqiya.”
    These men took the Constitutional position! NOT polical one.