Allen West “Ten years ago this week, I was honored to lead a Battalion of Soldiers in Operation Iraqi Freedom”


by Allen West via Facebook

Ten years ago this week, I was honored to lead a Battalion of Soldiers in Operation Iraqi Freedom. There were only two men in that unit who had previously served in combat, my Command Sergeants Major and I, and we knew the magnitude of that which we had been called to execute. There are those who still disparage America’s involvement in Iraq. There are those who still disparage my own service on that battlefield. To the critics I say, read Teddy Roosevelt’s ‘Man in the Arena’ quote and know that those of us who have fought and lost our brothers and sisters in arms shall never cower to cold, timid souls who have never known victory, nor defeat. Today, we remember and celebrate those who were willing to, and did, give the last  full measure of devotion.

7 responses to “Allen West “Ten years ago this week, I was honored to lead a Battalion of Soldiers in Operation Iraqi Freedom”

  1. There is no greater gift than to serve your fellow man. To those men and women that have served this Country and for our Freedoms, they should receive the highest of honors and be treated with the greatest of respect. Their place in our society should be elevated beyond those that can’t work together in Washington for the “common good.” I am ashamed of our entire legislative branch and their failure “to do the right thing.” The right thing probably will not be the easiest thing, but it will be the best thing. For all practical purposes, we do not have a President. We have somebody that likes to campaign, and history will show that. There is a “void” in leadership and I do not know why. I have asked one of my Senators repeatedly, why is this man still in office? Why have there been no impeachment proceedings? I am a big person – I want the TRUTH. Is there nobody in Washington that can answer that very, simple question? His “performance – if you can call it that” is reprehensible and he has done everything he can do to bring this Country down. He has pitted race against race, atheists against religions, Union against Right to Work, immigrants against citizens, States against States, heterosexuals against homosexuals, gun owners against non-gun owners, and on and on it goes. This was a tolerant Country – it was Free. Free to be who you are without recriminations. We respected each other even if we did not agree with each other. Today, not so much so, Our President has led the charge to ignore our laws, our tolerances, and our own personal choices. And, none of it makes any sense at all – where is our common sense? I can’t choke down too many more lies. And, when I hear people like Feinstein out of California, I think she is nutty. No common sense. Pelosi, no common sense either – her “stature” should exempt her from having her pay reduced. She gone nothing to deserve whatever she makes. Give all the salaries of all of the Legislative Branch and the President to our American warriors – the ones, you remember, that will die for you. For all practical purposes, Obama is just an epitaph. He will continue on though campaigning and trying to “win” votes for his “Party – whatever it is.” It is passé – gone. If I were a Democratic Socialist, I would not want him speaking for me. The American People have had it! There may not be any more Democratic Socialists by the time of the next election. But, we best pray that those soldiers will continue to fight as the man in the oval office is ignoring foreign threats and maybe even war. Our President will not protect us from anything. He does not respect Life. As far as all those folks out there that are looking at the color of skin again, racism is always wrong as it is based on a generality that does not exist. There are good and bad people of all races. Do not put Colonel West in the same category as our President. I would be honored to have him as our next President and I would like to kick Obama’s butt for all the harm he has done to this Nation. He should be in jail, not playing golf with Tiger Woods. And, as far as him using the sequester to prevent visitors to the White House, including those that have come to Washington for vacation, it is petty, petulant, childish and it should tell everybody just who he really is. Shame. He needs to take his little jet and go pick up those 6th graders and give the tour himself although I suspect he can’t because he doesn’t know our history. To all members of the Armed Forces, and Veterans, please be patient, Obama will go away. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, you all will always have a special place with me. I am the Patriot. The American People believe in you and stand with you too. Do not trust government. Do trust the People – they are generally good. People in government become corrupt – particularly the current group.

  2. Thank you for your dedication to the protection of the United States and the men who were under your command. You are the definition of a patriot, Colonel West.

  3. God bless you CoL. West, You will always be a hero in my heart and mind. Along with those that fought and died not only in Iraq but Vietnam where I lost several friends. Thank you for your service and I pray that you someday become President.

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