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  1. This has been my Wake Up People cry for the past 4 years! I have been forwarding and sharing this background info with all the Veteran groups and DOD contractors I am in contact with. My request has been to let it be known that we should not support any politician that will not stand up in the well of the house or a national news network a tell We The People that the Obama administration is completely supportive of the Muslim Brotherhood.
    And now that that CPAC and the so called conservative leaders would not invite Robert Spence and Pam Geller as speakers it is more important for all to know about how the Muslim Brotherhood has already infiltrated the White House. I knew these so called conservatives did not have our and the country’s best interest in their hearts as Islam received no air time. After all what could be more important than losing your country to the Muslim Brotherhood and a Sharia compliant News Media and that includes FOX NEWS.
    The two CPAC videos of Pam and Robert should flood our college campuses across the country. If there are colleges that will not accept them as guest speakers then they should approach the Catholic universities and other religious and private universities. We have got to cut off the head of the snake.
    I feel the exposure of this subject will be a cause for millions of people to come out and support Allen West, Pam Geller and Robert Spence as the citizens that openly called a spade a spade. Finally!
    Please everyone take the time to view these videos of the uninvited CPAC guests and pass them on to all your friends and neighbors..

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