Allen West on the “Charm Offensive” by the political chameleon, President Obama


by Allen West via Facebook

It is 11am Sunday morning and I am sitting in the Providence, RI airport. Had a great evening last night addressing a packed room at the Quidnesset CC for the North Kingstown GOP Town Committee Lincoln Dinner. I spoke on The Party of Lincoln using the recent movie to highlight the Republican battle against the Democrats, from physical bondage of individual freedom then to now battling for economic freedom from the bondage of taxation, litigation, and freedom from regulation, which enslaves individual industrialism and entrepreneurship.

As I sit here reading my news update, I just laugh at this supposed “charm offensive” by the ultimate political chameleon, President Obama. Word to America and my GOP colleagues, don’t take a bite of the apple being offered – dinners, lunch, smiling, it’s just the ole Kansas City shuffle. In the end, the lizard is still a lizard, regardless of the changing colors.

Shout out to the Tennessee Vols men’s b-ball team for defeating Mizzou, and K-State for being co-champs of the Big 12. Wish they could have beaten Okla St.


One response to “Allen West on the “Charm Offensive” by the political chameleon, President Obama

  1. There is no doubt in my mind that he could or would change, it is only designed to make it look like he is becoming more “available.” But, that does not matter, because he doesn’t have to change as long as the American People do, and that is really what matters and that is happening – all over the Country. It may very well be his mission to turn this Country into a Muslim state – in fact, it is looking more and more like it. But, with you and me, the Father’s foot soldiers, a much larger group of Americans and maybe even a new American Pope, that should pretty much take him down and out. But, we must be diligent and watch his actions, as there is no doubt that he has more cards up his sleeve. I would really like to know who he is killing with the drones overseas. Are they friends or enemies? He has blood on his hands – we just don’t know who and how many. My concern is Israel. I hope they are wise enough not to trust the man in the Oval Office. I suspect that they are as they are use to being on the offensive, and honestly, I hope they are tapping into the President’s computer and phone, etc. He is not a man to be trusted. I, personally would like to talk to Israel’s Prime Minister – I, certainly, would be much more respectful than the White House. I can’t imagine how that Country can live under the circumstances they do, day in and day out. Still, they hold fast to their religion, and they should, as no doubt the Father is aware – they are His children too. Obama best not touch a single hair on the head of ANY Israelite or create any environment that affects the Power Structure in the Middle East – like giving the Muslims weapons would be a sign of aggression against the Jews which he has already done, but, in theory, that military group was more stable. We shall see. I like John McCain, a nice guy, but, we need a wise, old, pitbull in the White House on foreign affairs. I would really like to see Gingrich somewhere near. He may not be the most stabilizing force, but, he is an smart old tiger that would drop a bomb on Obama in a New York minute and he loves this Country. Obama may come to know the GOD of the Old Testament if he does something dumb. Israel needs to watch their back. Christians believe in Life, Muslims believe in Death. That is something that cannot be negotiated. Tolerance may be possible, maybe. It is just not a good idea to make the Father unhappy. You know India has dealt with the Muslim, Hindu, Christian, Buddha, etc. thing fairly peacefully for quite awhile – how, I do not know. Yes, there is still a “caste” system still kind of in place. When I was going up, we were an International host family for a couple of students – one was from India. He was a Hindu, and he was “in love” with a Muslim. No marriage was possible between these 2 people – neither religion would tolerate it. I don’t know what finally did happen – I think they (the couple) were just going to lay low until their parent’s died – a sad love story. The very first group of people that thought I might have some spiritual connection(s) was New Zealand, then India, and finally Israel – long before Glen Beck. There is a Hindu Goddess called Kali that is considered a Goddess of Destruction and of Creation – just something kind of interesting.