Allen West “A mix of bad ideas and lip service to good ones”


Courtesy of Allen West – Weekly Update on Next Generation TV via PJTV

The president paid lip service to tax reform, but if you raise rates and close loopholes, that is double taxation. Furthermore, we have heard this in several Obama State of the Union addresses but have yet to see him move toward a flat income tax or a consumption-based tax policy.

Right now, the tax code is over 73,900 pages long.

Manufacturing in America, meanwhile, is recovering despite the president and his regulatory environment, yet he wants Congress to create a network of 15 manufacturing hubs. That sounds like nationalizing production to me.

How about we let the private sector expand manufacturing? Just give them the proper tax and regulatory policies for growth and expansion.

Obama’s talk about energy policy did not mention the Keystone XL Pipeline, which is truly a shovel-ready project, unlike the stimulus projects the president touted back in 2009. The Keystone endeavor submitted its application for approval 1,607 days ago, just a tad longer than our not having a budget.

Instead, it seems like the president wants to invest in more “green energy” follies. I suppose he did not learn anything from Solyndra and the several other bankruptcies, all on the backs of American taxpayers.

Obama is proposing a new Energy Security Trust, which would be nothing more than a government slush fund from increased taxes on the oil and natural gas industry. Again, he wants to nationalize production. All the American people will get are more government subsidies for an ideological, failed energy agenda.

And then there is Obama’s proposed “fix it first” program for infrastructure – read: stimulus with a twist. Add to that his idea for a “Partnership to Rebuild America,” a bid to attract private capital to upgrade ports, pipelines (just not Keystone XL) and schools. OK folks, unless you are asleep, read that as taxing people.


One response to “Allen West “A mix of bad ideas and lip service to good ones”

  1. I know he is stilling going on as if “nothing is happening,” but Obama has another name, at least another two according to the US Supreme Court. Check out Dr. Orly Taitz. Apparently, there was a hearing today and more next week. I am getting information from Canada and it is not good at all. But, you know what, I am not worried – I do not fear that man, or any man. In fact, I chewed Harry Reid’s ass out tonight about his bribery scandal among other things on his website. Hope his constitutents get to see it. I did the research. I requested and recommended he retire. I also made him aware of the Sunshine Laws and specifically the Nevada Open Records Act. It seems Mr. Reid likes real estate. He was directly linked to a payoff to stop a Federal Investigation of a specific company (Jeremy Johnson) through the Utah Attorney General John Swallow. Somebody accepted $250,000 initial payment – the total was to be $600,000. And, I will do what I have to do. We will just see who can handle the pressure better. Objective: Make him more afraid of God than Obama. I know that when the time comes, I will get what I need to do what I need to do. Today, I had to hit on Reid – been on my mind all day. That usually means I need to take an action. Like I said, I will be applying pressure to the Legislative Branch. I will use all tools at my disposal. I want them to read my email, etc. I have nothing to hide. I fight Destruction and for all that is good, I have no fear as I am not alone. I will not be “controlled” by any physical person on this Earth. And, I will fight Evil with the Grace of God, the Father. Sorry to go “off target” because I think I can help with tax issues after working with them for 17 years. I have some ideas on that. If you don’t mind, I will get back to you tomorrow and respond appropriately. But, tonight, war is raging all over Facebook, Canada, etc. I got to get those folks settled down. There is one, specific guy, I need to deal with before he decides to take an action. I hope I can run him down again. Have a nice evening Colonel West. All will be well when you wake.