Allen West “The NY Times is at it again, calling the GOP in disarray and racist”


by Allen West via Facebook Status Update

It seems some writer at the NY Times is at it again, calling the GOP in disarray and racist. Perhaps this gent needs a little history lesson. The Democrat party gave America slavery, secession, segregation, and socialism. Jim Crow laws, poll tax, literacy tests, and providing women checks for having children out of wedlock are further examples of Democrat policies. President Lincoln broke the chains of physical bondage. President Reagan broke the chains of economic bondage. The writer thinks the GOP is in disarray, but it’s thanks to liberal progressive policies emanating from the Obama administration that America is in disarray. The demise of our economic, energy, and national security are evident and the State of our Union is horrific. I would much rather be a member of a political party that rewards my individual industrialism, than one which promotes my individual subjugation.


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  2. The historical I read was posted in 2008, and I don’t believe that is an accurate reflection of our current situation in this Country. Also, something nobody seems to point out is that Republicans were not always Republications or Federalists, and Democrats were not always Democrats. In various times in history, the “parties” have literally swapped their views and their names. So, if you are looking for accuracy, that person needs to do a bit more research. It is kind of like today even -the current “Democrats” are not “Democrats,” they are either Socialists, Marxists, Communists or Progressives and maybe – at least one, dictator. I, generally have been an independent, and I have voted Democrat more than once. I am the same person today as when I voted Democrat – the difference is that the Democratic Party moved – I did not. This needs to be made clear to the American people – the “Democratic” Party in power is not the “Democratic” Party that their parents supported. This is a new breed entirely – a completely different animal – that is not to say they are not asses, but, they are not Democrats by any stretch of the imagination. The True problem this Country has is not based on politics or economics (although we do have those as well), it is Spiritual. Maybe, Evil is more appropriate. The bulk of the people that were voted in to represent us are not doing that, and what they are doing is completely based on their own selfish desires whether it be money or power. Power corrupts. Only a righteous man should be President. There is so much corruption in Washington that it reminds me of a very long tapeworm that is going to require the “Creator” himself to get involved. I fight Destruction and for all that is good. I have no fear as I am not alone. All the bickering or pissing contests are an indication that each is fighting only for themselves. Very person in the Senate and the House, and the President and the Vice President has taken an Oath to uphold the Constitution. Every Soldier has done the same. Granted, the Constitution needs to be amended. How that is done is also explained in the Constitution. Each State will have a vote. The Constitution has been amended before – remember Prohibition? This is not new. It is not dead and it is not alive, it just needs to be updated. The Evil that permeates our society is the result of poor, maybe evil, leadership and the total lack of respect that our current administration has for its Citizens, not subjects, Citizens. Obama will be removed from office either by the Supreme Court or a failed coup of his. Our legislature cannot even impreach him – it is unbelievable! That suggests to me that there is a very narrow difference between both parties in Washington. They are all fully aware of our leader’s failed performance and his distaste for this Country. His objective is clear – bring down America to at least a 2nd rate Country and change our form of government to that of Socialism or Communism. In that way, he can proceed with a unification of a World Order under Agenda 21 and the UN. He will say that this, will, in fact, result in peace. Nothing is further from the Truth. This would result in a chaos beyond our wildest imaginations. There is an additional factor that is playing into this. Obama suffers from “Narcissistic Personality Disorder.” He lacks empathy and we have all seen this time and time again. I am not a doctor, but, when a man goes to speak at a funeral about the deceased and goes into a discussion about his recent trip to Hawaii, you know that person is not playing with a full deck. Or, how about the time he went to a wedding, and tried to get money from the bride and groom, or told the children to ask their parents to vote for him or for money. These actions are not those of a “healthy” mental state. Under his new health care law, he or his administration is having that particular disorder removed from the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-5) in 2013 against the recommendations of prominent psychiatrists. This disorder can result in that party losing touch with reality depending upon the severity of it. He is, in fact, self-absorbed with a grandiose sense of self. He truly needs to be removed as “unfit” for duty and to be evaluated by psychiatrists. Of course, this Meglamania, was also the same disease that Hitler had. In fact, historically, his actions do run nearly parallel. Hitler came to power off the back of Labor Unions. Obama as leader, is an example to others. The legislature will mimic him as well as the children in this Country and even the adults. Apparently, either his illness is contagious, or evil has been spreading – if the President can do it, so can I concept. The good news is that it is changing. Christians and other groups are starting to see who their leader really is. But, there is a lot of work to be done. As soon as Obama is out the door, I will be sending a letter by Certified mail to every representative in Washington requesting their resignation. The more “notorious” representatives will receive one charging them as accomplices. I can and will do this – so help me God. As a Citizen, as a Patriot, as one of the Father’s soldiers, I have every right to do this. If we are lucky, some will take an “early retirement.” It is time to clean-up our houses, and in this case, it starts at the top.

    I do apologize for my lengthy response – but felt compelled to clear-up a few things.

  3. The only thing a liberal hates more then a conservative, is a black conservative. Rock on,col. West. This white conservative libertarian admires and respects you.

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