Dr. Angela West “Democrats and the Culture of “Cool”


by Dr. Angela West via Facebook

Last week I attended a very erudite celebration at an exclusive club in Northern Palm Beach. I wager that the majority of the invitees were Republican although the reason for the gala would dictate that it would be bi-partisan. This background is unimportant, however, the discussion that I had with a well known celebrity’s spouse is more so. She asked me about this new obsession with “cool”. Everything is “cool”. Our President is “cool”, Michelle Obama is “very cool”, and all of the people they surround themselves with are “cool”. Then , a former colleague of mine who, along with her husband, developed a rather revolutionary system that made them very, very, very rich asked me why her son wanted to be African American. I said that it is “cool”. But unlikely since he is probably the furthest from being African American that I have ever known. In another life his name would have been Lars or Sven or something very Nordic. I am sure you get the picture.

The reality of “cool” is much deeper than just wanting to be another race, heritage or creed. “Cool” connotes a breeze to the future. It gives the impression of vibrancy, youth, fertility and all of the best feelings of being alive, healthy and the feeling that anything is possible. It is the opposite of tradition, sameness, obligations and boredom. “Cool” has become synonymous with the Democratic party while “tradition” has become synonymous with the Republican party. This did not just begin with the election of Barack Obama, it started with the Kennedy’s.

The choice of an Irish Catholic president was as phenomenal on November 8, 1960 as the election of Obama, an African American, in 2008. And in between we had the Clinton’s. The Clinton’s were by no means conventional, Hillary once remarked “I could have stayed home and baked cookies and had teas, but what I decided to do was fulfill my profession,” — it sparked a controversy but it was one of the cornerstones in her rise. The reality is that these people the Kennedy’s, the Clinton’s and now the Obama’s epitomized “cool” at their various points in history. Just as the Obama campaign utilized social media and all of the powerful new technology developed and continually developing, the Kennedy campaign marked the first time that the television eclipsed the radio as a means of political communication. It is still the most powerful medium of communication.

So, why bring this up? Why complement the Democrats? Not complementing them just acknowledging that times are changing but no more so than any other time over the past 50 years. In this last election, we as Republicans right down to the wire were convinced of a Romney victory. Everywhere I go, I hear the same cry of being “depressed” and feeling bad. Life moves on, and so must we. We must become “cool” or at least “cooler” than in the past. Move ahead, tomorrow is another day.

We just did not get the votes, and why? Maybe it is just a matter of marketing. And really what is “marketing”? Marketing is the process of communicating the value of a product, it is tailoring the communication to meet the needs of the population that you wish to market to. It means getting the votes necessary to win. It means knowing your market. I have a spreadsheet of the “non-voters” in Florida during the last election, if it were a small number, it still would be unacceptable. The implication is that people would rather NOT vote than vote for any of the choices presented.

The successful marketing of the Democratic party occurred because of their ability to define the Republican party. The first branding campaign started with us being called the party of “NO”. The opposite of yes is “NO”. After that, we became the “opposition”. Deserved or not, we did not counter. Democrats are “Young”, Republicans are “Old”; Democrats promote women (remember the photo ops with Pelosi and all of the women behind her), Republicans wage a “war on women”; Democrats love African Americans, Republicans are “racist”; Democrats are for immigration, Republicans want to “self-deport”; Democrats embrace all lifestyles while Republicans are “homophobic”; Republicans hate the poor, the old and everyone in between.

The message of Democrats = “Cool”; “Forward” and therefore “Good”. Republicans = “Tradition and therefore Uncool”, “Backwards” and therefore “Bad” resonates with even the lowest informational voter.

I have spoken at schools, mentoring groups and even among the young people in my own family. The media bombardment of this message has been powerful. The successful usage of musical stars and the constant image management that goes on within the Democratic party is phenomenal. Last night I attended a function where I tried to get the Republican presenter to even acknowledge that my hand was raised — he looked over my head three times and than brushed off this simple fact, — we have to appeal to the masses without eating or destroying our own. We have to market in a way that appeals, we have to stop bitching about everything being unfair and finally we have to start valuing our own.
When we refer to our party as “stupid”, everyone else will also. When we excoriate women, we invite deservedly so, the scorn of the fairer sex. When we murmur and lament about the changes in our country, we make ourselves depressed. And finally, when we throw overboard our values in order to appease, we lose, because it is perceived that we stand for nothing. And stop grousing about the “good old days”, for the likes of me, the old days were not so good.

Now lets get together, stop putting the same old, same old in charge of our local parties. They really just want a place to hang out with people who are just like them —– read “uncool”. The only demographic that Romney carried was the white male category…… Unless we are going to experience a bumper crop of this group soon, we gotta get movin!!!!!!

Dr. Angela West is the wife of LTC Allen B. West


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6 responses to “Dr. Angela West “Democrats and the Culture of “Cool”

  1. A PR Campaign for Jesus Christ – challenging, I would say. That sounds to me like a video for utube. Personally, I run around in jeans and a T-Shirt with a cross. We have to do “cool” without naked ladies, abusive language, rap without words that ignite or fuel conflict, etc. One thing is for sure – we do need some good slogans. I am so far out-of-touch with a youthful group. I, am, however, a good example and that does go a long ways. I thought that Dr Maya Angelou was a positive role model. I bought a bunch of her cookbooks as well as a couple Audio CD’s. I stand opposed to the “skull” thing, although I have shirts and clocks with Ed Hardy. My niece and nephew are into photos by cell phone. I probably could post X-Box games. You know, it almost sounds like we need another group or a couple of people to work on that. Now, Kerusso products do have the spinner rings, guitar pick and dog tag necklaces which I have bought. This may be something that is a bit “border line” for my Ebay. In fact, I am not sure young people use Ebay at all – I haven’t found that that to be true. I don’t think that is where they are purchasing things from. Now, they might in the future as broke as we all will be. I guess you heard the good news – Supreme Court is taking Obama down. He is being pressured to resign, but that does not mean he won’t be held accountable for a great many things. You see, since Congress didn’t do what they should have gone – which was to impeach him, the Court had to do it. Now, that leaves us with a mess. It is possible that Obama may try an coup d’etat – it would be stupid and that is why he might consider it – after all, like I said before, only he knows what is best, and like I have said before, he does have a mental illness. All Governors of all States need to be prepared – put the National Guard on “Alert” – at least for a few weeks or months, advise all Sheriffs and Police Departments as well. He has another “appointment” with the Supreme Court regarding forgery – as you probaby know. There will be no Agenda 21, and many, many countries are going to be “hacked” off with us including Great Brittain, France, Australia, and all those that switched over to a Socialist government. Many gave up antiques, relics – guns that had been in their families for generations. I am really sorry about that, but this Nation is about Freedom – God given Freedom – and no government can take it away. A One, World, Government to prevent War and Share Resources, is just plain nonsense – that sounds like the brain child of our “would be” dictator. Wars are unfortunately, unavoidable, but sometimes very necessary – like the loss of 6,000,000 Jews. Obama was and is so far out there that he thinks that he can change the very nature of man. It is naive, but it goes beyond that … he really is quite sick with the Narcissistic Personality Disorder or Meglamania. Remember when he went to speak at a funeral and then started discussing his Hawaiin vacation? I noticed the other day that President Clinton spoke at the last funeral. That tells me that there were people that knew and took no action. In fact, I am so angry with almost every representative in Congress, I could spit tacks. They had opportunity, after opportunity to do something and yet they did nothing. The Supreme Court should never have been involved – he should have been impeached long ago. I will be sending a rather “scathing or scalding letter” to every single representative in Washington inviting them to resign and/or be considered an accomplice. Think that will get their attention? I am tired of being ignored and the American People are tired of being ignored, and I am going to tell them just what they did or did not do. They have no business working in Washington as representatives because they aren’t representing anybody, but themselves. Now, I know there are probably 5-10 percent that maybe tried – but, didn’t try too hard – did they address the Nation or the Governors? I will be as “nice” as I possibly can and “invite” them to resign for the good of the Country. And then, for the more “notorious” goes the accomplice warning. Let me see if I can get any to quit or resign. There could be some “openings” available within the next 6 months or so. It seems I still have “Freedom of Speech” no thanks to Congress. Obama could also stall the Supreme Court too for a bit, but, I bet not long. So, I will have to get busy on that as we are going to need some “take action” people in Washington before nobody has money or a business. I really don’t know much about the PR. I can appeal to older people of color, but I just don’t get business from the youth. I will talk to your wife though – maybe, she has an idea of how I can help.

    After that, I am going for the jugulars of the “so-called” journalists.

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