Allen West “So now can we have a national discussion about mental illness instead of an ideological crusade?”


by Allen West via Facebook

Big hat tip to the law enforcement agents involved in the hostage rescue in Midland City, AL. We are all thankful this child is safe and his captor will never harm anyone again. Our thoughts and condolences to the family of the slain bus driver.

So now can we have a national discussion about mental illness instead of an ideological crusade? Sure wish the president and Congress would turn their attention to spending control, do a budget, and how about putting a debt clock in the Oval office. We, the American people are losing patience and tired of blame and excuses!


3 responses to “Allen West “So now can we have a national discussion about mental illness instead of an ideological crusade?”

  1. Allen West will you come out and help us please ? At least tell us what to do about this sitiuation and how to get rid of the corruption in whitehouse

  2. I have a response regarding this. First off, there are more people getting shot by others that have no mental illness than those that do. Was the Oklahoma City bomber ever diagnosed with mental illness? Now, the interesting thing about this is there is a change to be implimented in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSMS) in 2013 – proabably due to ObamaCare. It is removing 5 of the 10 personality disorders – among them is one called “Narcissistic Personality Discorder, also called Meglamania.” Of course, parties that have the above problem lack empathy, if something is not about them, they just aren’t interested. It is kind of like going to speak at a funeral and talking about your last trip to Hawaii – ring any bells yet? Also includes symptoms such as self-absorption, grandiosee sense of self, and fantasies of greatness. Since he is convinced of his high station, he automatically expects that others will recognize his superior qualities and will tell them so – mirroring. It is not enough that he knows he is great, others must confirm it as well, and they must do it in the spirit of “vote early, and “vote often.” A person with this illness can do a great deal of harm – depending upon the severity of the illness. Well- know psychiatrists are fighting it, but it was probably decided by some committee. To remove this illness from the DSMS, will give these people no opportunity for care and they will be released back into the streets without meds or doctors. Although it is not really treatable except with a long period of psychotherapy which may or may not help. But, at least the doctor, can commit that party before he or she does harm to others. This illness can produce periods of “not being in touch with realty” in its severer forms. I am not surprised by this elimination as I believe our leader suffers from this and he sure doesn’t want to be connected to the illness – it may not bode well for our leader’s “kingdom.” Of course, the person best known for this illness is Hitler. No committee should remove any medical treatment against the advice of physicians in their fields. Most of those with mental illness are treated as it will surface and family members will see to it that they get the care they need. We are much more dangerous and more likely to be hardmed or killed by somebody without a mental illness diagnosis. If you follow the facts, it will lead you to the Truth.

  3. There were a number of therapists (both psychiatrists and psychologists) who spoke about Obama’s narcissistic personality disorder before the November election, but the main stream media, of course, never reported on these concerns and thus the public was not informed about his condition. So now we find ourselves stuck with this clown as our President for another four years. While it will be interesting to see just how far off base this guy actually goes, we as a nation are in great danger with a leader such as Obama. Hopefully, the members of Congress will act to remove Obama from office if he begins to get too far out there. Of course, then we’ll have the problem of having Biden as President, but that’s another issue for another time. For now, we need to keep an eye on Obama to make sure he doesn’t do this country some kind of irreparable harm through one of his gradiose schemes.