The Internet is Abuzz Over Allen West and Michelle Fields New Gig with PJTV on Next Generation TV


As I watch the news rolling in the last few days and I always watch the internet for all things LTC Allen West, I couldn’t help but notice how many websites have either got into great detail about Allen West’s new gig or gave a shout out. All things considered I think this is driving both sides of the aisle NUTS!! (No pun intended)

Needless to say, whether you want to pay for a premium subscription or have the bare minimum, to get all the Allen West, Michelle Fields and John Phillips you could ask for, all you have to do is go to Next Generation TV and decide what package is best for you. You can also just simply subscribe to the E-Newsletter that will be free and brought to you by our favorite former Congressman, Allen West.

I thought of some of the many things that this show will provide besides being able to see Allen West daily. The first being, his voice is resounding across the nation in more ways than one. Not only will he escalate the viewership at PJTV, he will also bring an even broader audience then they have seen before. It also merges him with the Great Bill Whittle and the always spot on Alfonzo Rachel. Who could ask for better than these three devoted patriots for America all in one location? I know I couldn’t! Besides, doesn’t the lamestream media have enough schmoozing to do these days?

Allen West, Michelle Fields and John Phillips are unbridled in their opinions and they are offering us brass tax, open honesty and their opinions are normally in lock step with most of the conservatives in this nation. Do yourself a favor, check out the sneak previews they are offering until February and make a decision to sign up and be front and center when they launch. I for one am looking forward to it and I sure hope you are too.  – Tanya

Here are some of the MANY articles I have found on the internet so far to date on Next Generation TV :

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