Allen West “President Obama, as Commander-in-Chief, should be focused on sequestration and the failure of his policies in the Middle East”


by Allen West

On Sec Def Leon Panetta’s statement re: opening up direct combat billets to women. First of all, women in combat zones are serving in combat and the new 21st century battlefield means anyone outside of their FOB( Forward Operating Base) will potentially be engaged in a combat situation.

However, to make the insidious policy decision that we shall now open up combat billets to women is something completely different. GI Jane was a movie and should not be the basis for a policy shift. I know Martha McSally, have known women who are Apache and Cobra helicopter pilots, and served with women who were MPs, but being on the ground and having to go mano y mano in close combat is a completely different environment.

I completely disagree with this decision and can just imagine all the third and fourth order effects and considerations for implementation, such as standards for training. Unless the Obama administration has not noticed we are fighting against a brutal enemy and now is not the time to play a social experiment with our ground combat forces. President Obama, as Commander-in-Chief, should be focused on sequestration and the failure of his policies in the Middle East. This is the misconceived liberal progressive vision of fairness and equality which could potentially lead to the demise of our military.


5 responses to “Allen West “President Obama, as Commander-in-Chief, should be focused on sequestration and the failure of his policies in the Middle East”

  1. Can’t help but feel that Obama and ilk are purposely trying their best to destroy our military by any means possible. Lets just start with the firing or mandatory retirement of many 4 star officers. Women in combat zones or the front lines should never be. This mandate is coming from people who have never even worn the uniform of this nation, and have no clue what its like to give your life for your country. WE are the OATHKEEPERS, they are the gutless worms that put us into these wars.

    • Seriously? First of all, as you are still alive, you also have no idea what it is like to make the ultimate sacrifice for our Country, as my Dad did in 1965. And in case you haven’t been paying attention for the past 11 years, these “gutless worms” as you call them, didn’t get us into this war – that would be the gutless worms from the Bush Administration.
      I am a wife, mother and grandmothef, as well as a Retired Veteran. Have a nice day.

  2. I agree and I am a woman. His objective may be to weaken our military – this is just one way. It is insidious. It is generally a fact that women will not have the physical strength to over-power a male opponent. Furthermore, these same women may find themselves in a position for rape, mutilation and to be taken as hostages. There is also some information about Commanders being replaced before their duty time is up. There are a couple that have reported that it is because these same commanders would not give a command to fire on America civilians. I have been told this is against the law. Martial law cannot occur using the American military – but, when, has Obama obeyed our laws? Even if he gets the military to fire, they will be met with a civilian force – a much larger civilian force. And, I question whether many of our soldiers would really fire on civilians. They take the Oath too. No, this is not the time to weaken our military. Women in combat zones is not a big issue. There are BIG issues that need to be dealt with – like the Muslim Brotherhood, N Korea, Africa, China, among others. If, he is making a change, you can book it, there is a purpose, and it probably it is not a good one – like taking our eyes off the ball maybe? Did you know that Hitler came to power off the backs of Unions? Hitler took the civilian guns too and that is why Americans purchased 2.3 million guns last month alone. However, on a more positive note, The Supreme Court is taking a look at Obama’s documents for forgeries. They will hear the case in February. Let us pray.

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