Video – Allen West “Why We Need To Stand Up for Our Future”

by Pajamasmedia

Published on Jan 16, 2013

Join us in standing up for our future at:

Allen West, Director of Next Generation Programming, discusses his plans to start a national conversation about preserving the American dream so his daughters, and all young americans, have the same opportunities in life he has.

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2 responses to “Video – Allen West “Why We Need To Stand Up for Our Future”

  1. Congratulations, again, Gentleman West! I believe that Allen West Republic will add a most crucial venue of discussion about news, information, and Constitutionalist facts. As Americans, our belief system includes Constitutional Law, and it’s time elected/appointed officials get back to deliberating legislation ON the Constitutional merits, as was originally designed for both houses of Congress. I am a Constitutionalist, because I adhere to the original intended meaning of the word “Conservative”. The tight interpretation of the U.S. Constitution contains law and secular philosophy that applies to ALL citizens today.

    We all must come to realize that our 1st Amendment was designed for all personal beliefs, including religion–AND every other concept or idea by any single individual that is secular, as well. That includes science, as well as social sciences concerning the imperfect human, condition.

    Personal beliefs and ideals is what drives one’s individual pursuit of happiness, whether religious or secular. It’s well-known that some religious dogma is man-made, not “universal” doctrine, or there wouldn’t be so many different Christian dogmas “seeking the truth”, and so many beliefs held by other religious/spiritual beliefs, as well. Human-made dogma, therefore, is not necessarily of God’s intention “equally” or universally applying to all individuals. It is why the Founding philosophers established the 1st Amendment–barring government from promoting any one belief system. Any “belief system”, however, that is UNCONSTITUTIONAL, because it is in violation of others’ rights, is “against American Constitutional law” protecting every individual citizen, whether the beliefs are “religious” or “secular” or some other individual human belief that promotes acts/actions against others in violation of their own freedoms protected by the Constitution.

    I look forward to your new venue, Congressman and Gentleman West–because your leadership in all Constitutionalist matters will help to forge our way as American citizens, as we go through the process of bringing back American Ways that our ancestors knew, and designed for our future evermore as the beacon of light from the city on a hill for ourselves and for all people who want to be free. God Bless America, and keep us Whole and Free.

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