AlFonzo Rachel “Democrats Have No Right to Claim Lincoln’s Legacy” Watch for Allen West at the end.

by Pajamasmedia

Published on Jan 16, 2013

The Democratic Party opposed President Lincoln and just about every other civil rights advance in the United States. So what gives the Democrats and Hollywood liberals the right to claim Abraham Lincoln as their president? Hear what AlfonZo Rachel thinks.




5 responses to “AlFonzo Rachel “Democrats Have No Right to Claim Lincoln’s Legacy” Watch for Allen West at the end.

  1. Alfonzo, Lincoln fought for civil rights of the freedom of slavery, and if you haven’t noticed the Democratic party has been fighting for civil rights in the modern day, for LGBT groups or defending a woman’s right to choice of pregnancy. Between the civil war and now, the Republican party was hijacked by christian extremists and many people changed sides, so the once conservative democratic party was now overwhelmed with liberal politicians while the republican party was run by conservatives. If it wasn’t for that switch you’d be preaching about how proud you are to be a democrat and trying to remind us republicans that we think democrats are racist. You can’t write off history as some ‘evil tact’ of the liberals. And there are liberals who approve of war, FDR was a democrat and sent us to the largest war the planet has ever seen, because it had to be done.

  2. What a breath of fresh air i am so glad for these guys they hit the nail on the head these guys are taking it to the liberal i am so exited about this so good to see history in it’s rightful place hat’s off men.

  3. If you knew the truth about Lincoln he was the first Obama. Raised taxes like crazy. He didnt care about slaves. His legacy is about as twisted as things can get.