Allen West “I anxiously await President Obama’s gun control proposals”

Photo by Boris Balaban

Photo by Boris Balaban

via Allen West on Facebook

“I anxiously await President Obama’s gun control proposals. I must ask if those in his administration who promoted Operation Fast and Furious were consulted on any of these measures. The hypocrisy is truly laughable.

Furthermore, I wonder if the President considered inviting the mother and the two 9-year-old twins from Walton County, Georgia who were saved by a gun from a criminal invasion? How about letters from our children who want spending control and debt reduction in order to preserve their future? Will they get to be political stage props?

I wish the President would review the entire Declaration of Independence and recognize the parallel of grievances Jefferson articulated against King George III and understand that Americans will stand up for the next generation!”


5 responses to “Allen West “I anxiously await President Obama’s gun control proposals”

  1. Please see I think you will find it encouraging. Looks like the Supreme Court is going to be taking a run at President Obama. It looks like they have found all the forged documents they were seeking and there is an abundance of them. So, when you see the red flag, you might want to check it out. No doubt, this man is beyond deplorable. I am taking a big of a curve with my business – basically I will be “advertising Christian goods” as well as American and Patriotic. This is, of course, against what any business advisor would recommend, and that is exactly why it is Right. I can’t separate myself. Although I certainly did not avoid or deny my beliefs, but neither have I advertised them. So, I will be subtle, and gently expose my buyers to “Christians, God, etc.” In fact, one of my logos is of a church with people in it – I have been leaning that way for awhile, but, now, I am going to completely open it up – my new business cards address it – “Christian Homes and Familes as well as American Homes and Families.” We both know that there are some groups – the the Jevoah Witnesses that give Christians a bad name. In fact, all the Bible thumping, in itself, has turned some people off. The scriptures were not designed to be fought over like a pack of animals. I call them “scripture wars.” I have seen too many websites that do this and it is a turn off to me. Discussions of Religion and Politics are more about Power than anything else. I will be “Advertising God” but, hopefully in a way that will either remind them or expose them to what we have lost or what they have not been exposed to. I, seriously doubt that Mr. Walmart would have denied his God, well, I am going to try to glorify Him. Those that go through any ad on my Ebay auctions or Store will find a slight difference. I have been finding that “We the People” have been afraid to say the word “God” out loud. No More. That is one word that I shall associate with a “positive” result or outcome. The number of people that I am getting on my Facebook Page is messing with everybody else’s statuses. I don’t think, well I know, they are not all from the US. It is funny you should say that about King George as I dedicated a song to Obama last night by the Beatles called “Revolution” – remember? I also sent another called “USSR.” In facing an opponent or enemy, it is best to do it from a position of power. I was always taught to stand up for myself. A war is only lost when you stop fighting. You know, I am not one to give up – some things are just way too important. This is going to work out though – it will be made right, but I just can’t stand to hear him talk – no Truth. I just turn to another channel. Incidently, we did not have many Christians or evangelicals voting in the last election – Fox was right. Basically, they were just too disgusted by the entire mess in Washington. I can relate to that. Your new position is super for you and so good for your students. They will be the new leaders in the Next Generation and I know that they couldn’t have a better instructor – too bad you aren’t teaching to some adults. God Bless & Go with God my friend.

  2. Again and again I hear people ask “Why do Americans NEED assault rifles with maximum size clips? The answer is CLEAR: Because Obama is GIVING them to our enemies and PAYING for them with our taxes! Our enemies should not have superior weapons to our “well regulated militia”!