Allen West “Senate legislation doesn’t promote economic growth, debt/deficit reduction – I can’t support it”


by Allen West on Tuesday, January 1, 2013

I wish everyone a very Happy New Year!

As I did my 7-mile run along the DC mall this morning I pondered where we are fiscally as a nation. We continue to have unserious band-aid type solutions to a very serious problem. I reviewed the Senate-passed legislation, and as it stands I will not support it if brought to the House floor.

Raising taxes in order to increase federal government spending is illogical, and disrespectful to all hard-working American families. Sure, I support the “doc fix” and AMT solution, but again the DC way is to make a pot of gumbo and believe that it will taste good to enough people. The American people deserve better.

No one’s taxes need increase and this Senate legislation does not promote economic growth, debt/deficit reduction, or spending discipline, which should be our main goals. The House has sent countless pieces of legislation, good policy, to the Senate which sits idly on Harry Reid’s desk. For the Democrat-led Senate to disregard its most basic Constitutional responsibility and then jam a last-hour cobbled-together 100 pages of nonsense to the House of Representatives is offensive. The future of our children and the promise to our next generation suffers due to extreme incompetence. The liberal progressive rhetoric sounds sweet to the ear but we continue to witness failure. The day is coming when principled pragmatic Constitutional Conservatives will be sought after to restore the American Republic, and we will answer the call.

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  1. It is quite clear that our leaders are not serious about repairing our economic problems. Neither our representatives nor is our president listening. This is actually very similar to the First Revoluntionary War – taxation without representation, grievances, etc.
    I would not recommend that anybody become a tax protestor as I am sure that is against the law. However – if I remember correctly – our tax system is considered “voluntary.” I worked with the IRS for about 17 years and we all thought that was kind of a joke. I do not think though that the Constitution addresses this particular issue. We had our share of tax protestors – most of them filed returns (Form 1040) with $0 balances, $0 income, etc. They would come in with letters or without them. The IRS, unlike many government organizations, runs like a business. It goes after the highest dollar payers first and works its way down. Of course, to encourage compliance, there are some that are pursued to “encourage” others to file. It did seem like it took so long to pursue these individuals but, of course, it did need to stop them to prevent others from doing it as well. Generally, they went after those that encouraged and conducted classes on tax protesting. This required a lot of resources, and with individual parties, it took a long time – maybe years – may have required a legal or court action. Can you imagine what would happen with 5-6 million tax protestors or more? Some things I never understood – like each business is required to report employer’s Social Security, Medicare and withholding on a quarterly basis. It is my understanding that it went in to a Treasury fund – well, why not take these funds and put them into interest bearing accounts across the Country? And I don’t understand why it is that Congress and the Senate fail to file or are so late in filing – abou 10 percent every year. Of course, an individual party that worked for the IRS had a mandatory requirement that would result in the loss of your job if you did not. There are or were Internal Revenue Manuals (IRM) online that are based on IRS Code. For example, these manuals clearly state the requirements for waiving penalties. These manuals clearly state the specific actions that a tax examiner will take with any specific issue.

    There are some common exceptions to filing – for example, Catholic Nuns do not file as they have taken a “vow of poverty.” Sometimes it has to be confirmed by their church. Also, the Amish and others do not pay into Social Security or Medicare as they take none out – I don’t think they have to file either. This concept of “One Size Fits All” does not work now. And, prior IRS employees, as well as, all Federal Employees are not only required to file, but are monitored to ensure that we do file – even if Congress does not. To ensure that there is no misunderstanding, I am not advocating anybody to become a tax protestor or to attend any classes on it. We pay taxes to support our Country.

    • We passed the point of just supporting our country a very long time ago. We now pay taxes to support what will soon be a one world order. I am sorry,,I have no hope left for America. We live in a mobile home since 1978,,,the doctor bills had to be paid,,,no money for a mortgage. Just letting you know that we are not wealthy,,,but I fought fearcely against a rise in taxes for anyone, including millionaires. God bless you and yours,,,Our famiy has followed your career for sometime,,,and we love you for what you have done for us all.
      Elaine Simons

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  4. Your loss was devastating to many of us and your posting here just makes it clearer that we need you involved and vocal.