Rep Allen West “Does Anyone Else See the Hypocrisy Playing Out in Michigan?”


by Allen West via Facebook

Does anyone else see the hypocrisy playing out in Michigan with the right-to-work pending legislation and protest? It is funny how the Left is pro-choice on one very specific issue but against choice when it comes to individual liberty and freedom.

In this instance it is playing out with an individual decision to become a union member. Should not middle income American workers be able to determine where they want their wages, (already horribly depressed in this economy), to go? Obviously not — seems the liberal progressives’ definition of liberty is someone taking the liberty to decide what is best for you and your life. To me, that is tyranny!

5 responses to “Rep Allen West “Does Anyone Else See the Hypocrisy Playing Out in Michigan?”

  1. Yes, you are so right – they do not know what they are asking for. They are just going to drag us all down with them. I contacted the Heritage group about Amendment XX, Section 3 regarding the President elect being “unqualified” as President. I think he is uniquely unqualified. They did there best to brush me of as a Conservative Loon or Conservative Conspiracy Nut. No, I am neither. I am tired of hearing “No” and I am tired of hearing that “we are pursing another method.” So, tell me just what part of the Constitution is not Heritage? I got a bit gruff – I don’t usually have to do that, but there are times when it is absolutely necessary that somebody hears me. What are these people afriad of? Yes, he is evil – without a doubt. What is it going to take – no work, if you are working it will be for taxes, shortages – maybe even food shortages, then comes riots and then we are Greece. I can’t believe with so many people fighting … they are fighting World Wide. If America loses its Freedoms, so will the World. I even was connected to a ham radio operator – from China. I don’t think we know what is really going on. Facebook has now been invaded – no more privacy – Free Speech gone on Facebook. I was rushed around all over Facebook last night trying to take down that status. When I enter Facebook, people come from everywhere, and I stay too long in one place – I am guilty of that. I didn’t understand the status thing. Thank God for all those “looking out” for me. I am probably sometime’s part or full-time job. I am just frustrated. Everybody is so fearful or depressed – it is almost overwhelming. So, I go back and do what I do best, carry the load, give them hope, tell them to repent and pray. There is a minister that has stepped up, but I don’t know how long he will last. This is an ugly game and the stakes are high. He has got to be threatening these people. I know he is putting some Christians in jail, and you know what I would say, Bring it on! I’ve had 20 years to prepare for him. He is going down.

  2. Exactly! They only want choice to do what they want with their own bodies (gay sex included). The rest be damned and that includes their unborn child.

  3. We are “dying” here in Michigan. The so-called “president”, democrats, liberals, and union thugs could care less. Michigan has been their “mainstay” even though the car companies have all but gone. They are saying Michigan is so filled with ignorant voters it’s an easy pushover! So they bring in the “big guns” and now are probably threatening the Governor and his family if he dares signs the Right To Work into law. I don’t see all the Republican politicians from Michigan up here supporting the Governor. And if the Democrat Congress people they would know how the Right to Work would help Michigan. But of course they are no where to be seen either!