Tattered and Torn, Will You Rise Up?


As I sit here thinking about all the terrible things going on in our country and worried about what is to come, I try to grasp for understanding and pray for piece of mind. Since November 6th many of you have sworn off the news, the postings, the fight for our republic and more. You are either sad, scared, beaten down, discouraged and maybe even more, or all of this combined. I understand the mental wear and tear it has taken on many of us and some days I have no words to describe how I feel but today is not that day.

Our country is still a good country, Our God although pushed back into the distance will still be the winner (here’s a little hint, I’ve read the Book, I know how it ends). Through six hours of what was eternal Hell, through brutality and unspeakable cruelty He has paid for the transgressions of this nation. We sit and we think, Oh, Lord, what have we allowed to happen? How can this be? Can it get any worse? What are we witnessing, how can we relate it to scripture and figure out if this truly is the end of times according to His word?

You see, we have this life, this one given opportunity to stand up for what is right. When the going get’s tough our human nature doesn’t want to get going, but our spiritual good side knows that if we don’t stand up and take action that every drop of blood that was shed at Calvary and the Wars that have been fought to give us our freedom’s and liberties are being tossed aside and taken in vain.Did the great foraging of this nation seem like it was an easy task? Reading through my history books I do not remember it being a delicate undertaking. Did they want to give up??? Well heck, they had every reason too, but they didn’t. So what we are witnessing today is discouraging, the takers are outnumbering the doers, Santa Claus reigns and God and the solid foundations of this country are taking back seat. How long do you truly think HE will allow this continue? Well, like a thief in the night, no man knows what time the Son will return.

So, do we give up or continue the fight?

Here is my heart, I will not, while there is breath in me quit this fight. I will not be silent. I will not only profess these actions but I will live by them and find the niche that I am best suited to fight for and focus on it. Spreading yourselves all around the issues trying to keep up with it all is where the frustration is building. The elections and the fraud have discouraged a massive amount of people. I could go on for days with the amount of communications that I have with friends who have heavy hearts but the bottom line is this. Find your niche, get into that groove, zoom in on something that is nearest and dearest to your heart….. now I know a lot of you will say EVERYTHING concerns me, well, it does me too but we must retreat, refocus, regroup and reach a common goal of getting this Republic back on its feet. By the time this President is done with our nation in 4 more years it is going to need every one of us on the ready to pick up the tattered and torn pieces and reconstruct what has been torn apart.

We CAN do this, we WILL do this and if you can find it in your heart to remember how it all started and how it all will end then you know that we must work together for the common good. Stand Up my patriot friends, do not be discouraged any longer. We can, one piece at a time put this back together but we must take the right path. There is no use saying you choose to lie down, when it feels impossible to stand up. In spite of our outward circumstances and the downward spiral of moral, economic, political, and social conditions we are witnessing today we must stand up and be heard.

God bless you my friends, stay in the fight.

By Tanya Grimsley – Steadfast and Loyal to this United States of America

16 responses to “Tattered and Torn, Will You Rise Up?

  1. I love you Allen. You are an amazing man. And I am so blessed that I can even post this on your site. My heart aches since the election too. I haven’t totally sworn off the headlines or posts, but my passion for wanting to change things have gone astray. Because I just don’t know what else I can do!

    I do know this. If called, if there is a time, that my voice and my thoughts and my country needs me… I will never back down. If there is something you ask us to do on facebook or other social media, I will be there.

    You may not understand this… but In my not so far past I’ve been called personally to fight the good fight and won. A small victory but one for our nation and our 2nd Amendment rights! No matter what it is, I’ll stand for our constitution, our nation, our military and God.

    Merry Christmas, and God Bless. This nation need’s people like you and me. (PS Love the snow)

  2. You articulate your beliefs so beautifully! The only thing I can see to do is repost your blog and hope that it circles this globe. My friends and family think I’ve gone a little over the edge, but I am putting myself out there as much as possible so that I’ll recognize my niche when I see it. Next: Tea Party meeting this week. This country needs you so please don’t lose hope.

  3. If history teaches anything, it is that God works in mysterious ways, and in His own time. Moses and The Railsplitter, to name but two of legions, came to well appreciate that immutable fact. Keep the Faith. All will be well. He gifted us with this miracle of a Nation for good reason. He will preserve and restore it, but it is not for us to conjure His methods.

  4. I am a 73 year old grandmother, but I am “stronger” than many younger people . I will keep marching forward. I will not give up. I will encourage all those I know to keep the faith and do no falter. I don’t know what my “niche” is, but I’ll find one. I will follow Col. West where ever he leads.

  5. Tanya , I have questions for you. Please put your photo somewhere. I’d like a face with the name. Are you a volunteer or do you hold a paid postion and what is it? Tell me more about yourself. Thanks so much, Sue Flannery

  6. I wish I had a tenth of the strength and convicition that Mr West has. Im looking forward to a future in America that Alan West is a leadiing figure. Well said sir.

  7. I am as conservative as it gets, but from now on I am voting for the biggest Communists and Socialists the libs can find. We are sure to lose if we keep fighting this insidious battle…we keep just getting dragged further and further at a nice slow pace that is starting to accelerate. I want the civil war to begin now.
    We might have a chance of turning things around then.

  8. Reblogged this on My Blog steady as we go and commented:
    yes, Allen West I agree with every word you have blogged. I do stand, and believe and pray and will not back done, that we as a Nation can come back again with God’s help and the American people not giving up.

  9. God bless America and patriots like Allen West. If not for our soldiers and veterans we would not have our liberties and freedoms we have today. We do not know what God has instore for us, but Nov 6 has a purpose. We don’t know what it is but we must not give up. Those before us did not give up and neither can we.

    I am so glad so many patriots are out there that feels the way I do. It makes the grieving more tolerable.

    Thank you Allen West, please stay in touch and continue the fight in another election or go the way that Sarah Palin has chosen.

  10. Sir! you, Allen West, have clearly and so succinctly laid out your knowledge of the enemy America faces. You totally understand Islam and it’s teachings. You are a leader of American men.

    There was voter fraud in unprecedented numbers in Ohio PA, WI, and FL, and CO. How quickly we bail on that issue, to move where? My shoe laces are still stuck on voter fraud. If that is OK, then why bother with the communications, nothing is going to be better. The next voting opportunity is not going to be different.

    I mean no disrespect sir. The Benghazi Murders seemed to be swept under the table. You cannot do anything in that regard, and the last word was Oboma’s to stand down. Not Pannetta’s. not Hillary, Hillary was asked several times for a DC3 aircraft for the use of the Consulate who was working on retaining and shipping the Stinger missiles back to the USA. Now stinger missiles, the paper trail and the brave personnel are gone, and a Indonesian Usurper to the presidency of the USA is off the hook.

    Every year on 9/11 the military has beefed up the support for our embassies, but on 9/11/12 all of the emails regarding the increased in threat was raised in Benghazi and nothing was done to support them.

    General Ham was relived of duty for Africom and Admiral Gaouette replaced days after the Benghazi murders. I am a former marine and those personnel exchanges actions in the face of investigations screams of Oboma’s collusion with the enemy.

    The Marine in Jail in Mexico did not follow Mexican rules and he has a $1,800 fine to pay. Mexico is always about bribes.
    I’m not finding orders in my fox hole. Oboma is not an American he is an Indonesian he was adopted! As he wrote in his book the dreams from my father.

    Indonesia does not allow for dual citizenship. The people have not spoken regarding the election the People were cheated out of an honest election. The Voting machines should be a national treasure. In Oregon the state is Liberal because it is 100% mail in. no proof anywhere. I’m glad Oregon plays little part in national politics. So I’m standing looking at my Flag and seeing souls who fought for the support for the betterment of mankind against tyranny and the safety of American interests but i don’t see any action that will strike the head of the serpent who is encircling us.