My Thoughts – The Allen West Family

by Tanya Grimsley – Allen West Republic

The West Family has been through some of the most difficult and daunting trials that no American and a family, no matter their party affiliation or belief should have ever have had to endure. From all directions the attacks, vitriol and lies were shameful and vile. While Congressman West has thick skin and enough courage to buck the establishment, it still takes it’s toll. Dr. Angela West has been a prime target as well. There is no shame in the levels that people went to in trying to destroy a solid family unit. The loathsome nasty behavior towards this family over a Congressional race was and still remains in my mind as revolting and left my heart hurting, I could never put myself in their shoes and can only imagine the pain that has been inflicted.

As I sit here tonight I ask the nation of grassroots support to lift this family up in prayer. Some may say “I pray for him and his family daily, or Prayers said” but tonight I ask after you finish reading this to say ONE quick prayer. Please.

Lord Jesus, I ask tonight for your precious hands to wrap around the West family, give them strength, courage and peace. Let them know that all around this country there are people who love them and care about them and the messages that they have brought to this nation. May your mighty and unfailing love for your children give them stability, comfort and endurance for the roads ahead. Instill in them the blessings of Isaiah 40:31 and “renew their strength, so they may soar on the wings like eagles; and run and not grow weary, and walk and not be faint” Lord, creator of all things, lift up this family tonight so they may be strong in their walk with you and be a driving force in your army. Renew and rejuvenate them with your peace that passes all understanding. I ask this in your most precious name, Amen.

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  1. Allen West is a brilliant man. He will find a way to lead us out of this mess, no matter what it takes. May God Bless him and his family

  2. God Bless you and your family, Allen West. I do not believe you lost the election, nor do I believe Mitt Romney lost. America needs strong men and women like you, and I’ll be praying that your patriotism and dedication to the Constitution and American citizens will be a strong influence in our country’s future. We are at a turning point in the U.S. and we must return to the principles that founded and developed this country.

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    God bless Allen West and his family. It makes me sick how the liberals have attacked him and his family. He lost the election due to Voter Fraud by Obastard’s minions! I would love for him to be our president in 2016! That is IF America survives that long! God help us all. God save America.

  4. Mr. Allen wast thank you for all that you and your family has done for we the people Of the United states of America. One nation under
    God our creature. May God our father be with you always. Amen

  5. Allen, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for giving us your ALL. I am grateful for your strength and courage and that of your family. May that Higher Power send angels to protect all of you and enfold their wings around you all and let you feel their warmth and protection.

    If you want to continue this battle, our tea parties need strong central leadership and organization to be their most effective. Perhaps we truly need that real third party which could be called THE TEA PARTY or THE PATRIOT PARTY or perhaps we could borrow from Ross Perot and become UNITED WE STAND.

    Tell us what you would need from us besides words of support and money to go forward. And SHAME on the National Republican Party and the state of Florida republican party for not pouring money into court fights to battle the evil that took place in this election.

  6. Our Country has lost a true patriot in Congress because of the deplorable actions of the St. Lucie County Supervisor of Elections, Gertrude Walker and her minions.
    As a retired Marine Corps Mustang Officer, I salute Congressman Allen West and thank him for his honorable, unselfish and unwavering service to our Country/Republic.
    I wish I could say that these disgraceful actions were limited to St. Lucie County in Florida, but they were ramped across the country as documented in my following blog post:
    Vote Fraud – What They Aren’t Telling You!
    May God Continue to Bless & Keep Congressman Allen West and His Family.
    “God Bless America”
    Semper Fi!
    Jake Martinez

  7. God bless you and your family sir! The true Americans are still here and stand with you and will forever protect your family as you continue to fight for our liberty’s.

  8. I have been thinking about you all day. I know the heaviness you carry, I can actually feel it and I know why. But, you do not need to carry that heavy load alone. I am quite aware of our perilous situation in this Country’s foreign affairs and financial affairs. I was working a bit on both last night. I do know though, that even when I go to the Father and request something quite specific that He has a much better plan. We are the kind of people that want to “fix” things – we are problem solvers, and we want it fixed right away too, we don’t like to wait because we don’t make others wait. You can trust completely in the Father and the Lord – we, those on this crazy Freedom path, have a saying – remember this – the Father is always on time. I know, sometimes I think we are cutting things a bit close when it comes to time, but the Father doesn’t live in time. The Father loves you all and he has very special things in store for you “Allen West Republic.” He hears your words and heart like I do. You see so many of the bad things, I also see so many of the good things. You are not the only one He has plans for, and that poor other guy doesn’t even know it yet, but his heart is pure too. In fact, for all those souls that love this Country, this Country will change, but not in the way they think. There are really good things in store, but it is so hard to be patient. There is an ongoing power change, it may be subtle – sometimes they are not, but it is occurring, I do see it in small ways. Last night I was searching, sometimes I do that without really knowing what I am looking for, but I know there is something I need to see. We know that in any Power change, there will be one side that is not happy, and if that side is unhappy with you and feels threatened, they will try to stop you from doing what you are meant to do. And, if that is what is happening, then you are on the right track my friend. Pay no attention – they are more afraid of you than you are of them. I think what we are experiencing is a lot of angry people that have been carrying a lot of sin for quite awhile. They need to request forgiveness and then, they could love again – like they once did. But, some people do not want to do this and all they have to do is ask. You are not going to be the only one that they will be after – they are headed my direction. I am watching them. There is an atheist group that has come to a small town not so far from where I live and have demanded the city take down their sign that shows the Bible and the cross. It has been there for decades – the people don’t want it to come down, although 2 other, private groups have each added another one, so there is 3. I told some of the people in the town to refuse, and require that the atheists, themselves, must remove the sign. Let them think on that a bit. A lot of atheists are just disappointed Christians – something happened somewhere along the way. Since I have kind of been through something like this before, Good and Evil ultimately end up in the same place. Kansas City has Hell coming and I doubt they are prepared for it. Usually, the threats you are getting are more bluster than anything else. But, when you have a family, you can never be too careful. Oddly enough, I don’t think it will be the White people that will bother you, although some might, I think it will be the liberal Black groups that will. I do not have a solution for that. You know, this is all kind of funny because I use to do interviews in Black neighborhoods all the time. I was a census worker. The Black communities were a lot nicer to me than any of the White people. In fact, they were more likely to be religious than the White and more accepting. So, I think we are probably dealing with the Obama crowd. You haven’t made him look too good lately – but, it did need to be done. I absolutely agree. They will not come into this Country, and spread their Islam that destroys. I, again, dealt with the issue of Obama with the Father. Like a tower of cards, his political games are going to come tumbling all around him. He is too proud to ask for help and honestly, too ashamed too because he does not know what to do. When I was a manager in the Federal Government, I worked with a lot of Black people and there was one thing that I had to be quite cautious about. Many of them did not want to admit to an error or ask for assistance. In my life, I never had a problem with that and I would never have thought they were less capable just because they did. In fact, it is indicative that you want to be a better employee. I am sure it is some kind of bleed over from slavery. So much pain still there. I am still not sure that you, John and he will not end up working together. At some point, you could “offer” an opinion and see if he bites. Maybe John can get better access. You will have to bite your lip and try to teach him to preserve the Union. It you are meant to be there, you will be. I have no idea how this will play out, only that, it won’t be a bad ending – it will actually bring both sides closer together – crisis does that. Obama may end up not having a choice either. Americans love happy endings. But, you and your family, you sleep well tonight and with peace in your heart as I will be listening. And as tomorrow is another day, you may find it brighter. All things pass in time. Try to remember that you are not responsible for this Country’s plight. It is not on your shoulders and not your problem at this time. It does fall on those in power now. Have some good days with your family – you never know when you will be called upon. I wish I could have gotten back to you earlier. Peace to you and your family. Hold them close.

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  9. I wrote you all a nice long letter and then my email went down. So, I will have to shorten it a bit. Anytime there is a power change, there will be one side that is not happy. Usually it is just bluster. You have not made Obama look good. He could use you as an example. He has a lot to learn and he will. I did feel your concern and I wish I could have gotten back earlier. I, also understand those concerns because I do know them. This Country is in a heap of trouble – of that there is no doubt. There are people working on those things – some from the inside, some from the outside. I like the message you delivered to those that would harm us and Israel. I know how hard it is for you not to get involved. We like to “fix” things, make them better, solve the problem and “get it done.” The Father has super things in store for you – in His time. We on the “crazy” path of Freedom have a saying that always pulls us through. Remember this – the Father is always on time. The problem with that is the Father does not live in time. There is an order of things. One thing has to happen before something else, etc. We are all apart of that Order, so we do not know the time of anything. It requires patience, trust and a willingness to open yourself up to the seemingly impossible. There are no impossibilities with the Father that created all and knows each hair on your head. There are great things coming to this Country – I am proof of that. The Lord has smiled our way again. We do have a problem with aetheists which are basically Christians, but something occurred or they do not want to repent. They carry a lot of Pride. If they would just ask for forgiveness, it would be done, and they would find the love they are probably seeking. I can understand your concern about the safety of your family, and you have every right to be. I do think those that are threatening are from Obama’s and I, just bet they are more afraid of you, then you are of them. I have felt the heaviness you carry, but you do not need to carry that burden alone. As to whether there are groups of Iranians or Syrians that would bring attention to themselves by an individual act, I would think not, but, I know it is possible. I do have a project for you – if you don’t mind, would you look into a case concerning Sgt Derrick Miller of the Maryland National Guard. It seems he challenged an Afghani national because the previous day that same man was detained under suspicion of driving insurgents to a nearby combat firefight. I guess the Afghani claimed he was an electrician and then was in the unit to fix a water pump, but he had no tools. The Afghani guy grew more and more agitated with the questions and then he grabbed for the Sgt’s weapon. Derrick Miller killed the guy. Shortly thereafter, his unit was attacked on 3 sides by Afghani insurgents that seemed to know the exact defensive positions of the soldiers. Even the Afghan National Army soldiers ran and hid. After shooting the insurgent, the unit had been put on high alert. However, a few days later the Sgt was charged with “premeditated murder” of the Afghani insurgent. For 8 months he was in jail awaiting trial. Well, it sounds like some people got bought off including an Afghani translator that was given US Citizenship. The members in the Sgt’s unit were not even allowed to testify. The wife goes on to say that the Army destroyed every bit of evidence that could have proved he was acting in self-defense. Sgt Derrick was sentenced to life in prison. Of course, the paychecks stopped coming. She also claims he was a strong Christian and believes that justice will ultimately prevail. She is working with a retired Marine Bill Donahue of UAP – United American Patriots. I know of course they want money to pay for legal fees. The man has 2 daughters and she sent me a picture of them with their Father. She is working through a non-profit organization. What I do not understand is why our government would even allow one of their soldiers to be held in an Afghan jail for any reason. Are we allowing American Soldiers to be judged in a Country we are fighting or trying to train. It really would not surprise me if Obama just let this happen. From her point of view, the Federal Government actually paid to not only convict him, but, then give a witness citizenship. I know she needs money, I get a lot of letters for that, but there is something basically wrong in allowing any government to hold our soldiers. When did we lose that right – particularly in Afghanistan? I did not think that could be done. Anyway, if and when you have time, would you check on this story? Her name is Katherine Miller. If it is true, maybe I can see about sending something around on the internet. The non-profit claims they need $30,000. And, maybe it is not true – I don’t know – I can’t get a read on it from the letter. Now, maybe that will take your mind off your own problems – LOL. You all sleep well and in peace. I will be listening. I actually got a smart phone now so I can sign up for Twitter or Tweeter or whatever it is called and then you can reach me faster and sooner. Hold your children tight and rest soldier, I’ve got your back.