Allen West Brigade 2012 – Published Nov 19th 2012

Tanya Grimsley

Published on Nov 19, 2012

Thank you to all the wonderful patriots from around this great nation and abroad. Your steadfast and loyal support of Congressman West reiterates there are still american’s left that will stand up for their fellow man. Enjoy this video as a thank you to just a small portion of his support base and conservative army.



14 responses to “Allen West Brigade 2012 – Published Nov 19th 2012

  1. You are a hero, Congressman West!! You represent what America is. Thank you for being a man who c0ntines to stand for truth. America is blessed to have you as a Patriot, Congressman, a believer in JESUS, a loyal husband and father and a Lt. Colonel. I wept as I watched this video. GOD will honor you for you honor HIM.

  2. I am thrilled to have had the honor of working with you! Give them hell in Washington and never give up the fight! I know you won’t!

  3. Allen West for pres. 2016, he doesnt have to be pres. for me to feel safe, i feel safe just knowing he is there! But president would be A-W-S-O-M-E we love you congressman WEST!!!

  4. We love you Allen & we don’t even live in Florida. After the disaster with Obama being re elected & the depression that followed I now am concentrating on you winning. I love your honesty & strength. Never give up. You are the best! Love, from Nevada Sandy.

  5. We love you and are pulling for you here in The Antelope Valley of Commiefornia. God bless you and your family. 2016 for prez.!!!!!

  6. We’re pulling for you here in NJ, Col. West! You are a hero and a true patriot. Keep fighting the good fight. You have truth on your side.

  7. Allen West stood for integrity and courage, which is sadly fading fast in this country. You wonder if the results would have been different if the count wouldn’t have been so screwed up.

  8. Col.West is only just beginning his ongoing fight 4 America.American Patriots long 4 the leadership,courage & integrity Col.West represents.Just as our Founding Fathers fought 2 deliver 2 us the greatest laws of our land,the U.S. Constitutuion,we must continue r fight 2 not allow the evil of tryanny 2 steal r liberty,freedom & law abiding spirit.It is a full-fledge was of evil vs.good;it is that simple & that difficult.Col.West,continue 2 b the leader the Lord has called u to be. We need u more than ever.Sit back,take a little time 2 reflect upon who the enemy of America is, then re-join the battle!We must know our enemy first and then proceed to re-gain the thinking that made us great nation.