A Personal Message from Ryan Dean for Allen West Supporters Nationwide

Allen West with Ryan Dean

I am so incredibly impressed by the dedication and spirit of the people I saw and met in St Lucie County at the SOE. Not since September of 2001, walking to and from Ground Zero in NYC, have I seen such patriotism and comradely from Americans for other Americans that they have never met before. I am deeply touched by the outpouring of genuine emotion and support from people all over this country. Although I could not keep up with all of the social media feeds, I know that there was a plethora of support from people who could not physically be there. As it did for me personally during the recovery efforts after 911, the abundance of support from friends present and the social media feeds was uplifting and very much appreciated. So many people contributed in ANY way that they could to do “Something” to help and support each other and Allen West. Allen West has done so much to bring good people together, he has inspired all of us to become engaged, informed and involved. I am so blessed to have had an opportunity to serve with a Great Man and meet so many wonderful people. I will never forget this experience, it has been one of the best life experiences I have ever had. From the bottom of my heart, I want to thank Colonel, Congressman, and my friend Allen West. Also, I want to thank each and every one of you for being such good Americans and great Patriots.

God Bless you, God Bless Allen West and God Bless America!

Ryan Dean

(If you are not familiar with Ryan Dean, Ryan has had the wonderful opportunity of being the personal bodyguard and  friend to Allen West. Ryan is an amazing patriot.)

16 responses to “A Personal Message from Ryan Dean for Allen West Supporters Nationwide

  1. With a 20 year old Army PFC grandson I know the kind of Officer I want leading him. I would choose LTC West without hesitation. My grandson agrees!

  2. I was honored to support Allen west last Sunday at st lucie election office! My prayers are with Allen west in his continued fight for truth!

    • thank you for helping Allen West. I wish I could have been there. Never give up, as we fight for the truth.

  3. It is an honor and a privelidge to support Col. West. I will continue to do so. Thank you for your service and friendship to him,

  4. Declaration of Intent
    TO: All U. S. Federal Government and State officials, elected, appointed or employed.
    I am a loyal, law-abiding, legal American citizen of the United States of America. I am duty bound to the highest law of the United States, the United States Constitution. It is my duty to honor the Constitution and it is my responsibility to protect it and the Freedoms and Rights it guarantees. I will resist any and all attempts to limit those freedoms and rights by any person, association, organization, government, agency or any other entity regardless of whether they are appointed, employed, or elected. Those Freedoms and Rights include, but are not limited to, the right of religion, the right of free speech, the right of assembly, the right to own and bear arms and all rights afforded by the Constitution. These, along with all rights and freedoms, guaranteed by the Constitution, are not subject to conditions or considerations of a government which seeks to dole them out as it sees fit, they belong to the American people, as does the government. I will, also, resist any attempt made to manipulate, alter, or amend these God given Rights and Freedoms in such a way as to lessen their degree or restrict their accessibility, in any way, by legal, law abiding American citizens, regardless of how or who is attempting to do so. It is my duty as a legal, loyal, law- abiding citizen of the United States of America to insist on and demand the preservation, protection and adherence to the United States Constitution, in letter and spirit intended by our founding fathers, by all my fellow citizens, elected officials, and courts regardless of their position, rank, or authority. This must be so if we are to survive as a nation.
    It is with grave sincerity, great Honor and great respect for my Country and its Constitution that I join with my brother and sister Americans by signing this notice.
    May God bless our great nation!
    Signed:_______________________________________ Date:_______________________________________
    Print: _______________________________________ Phone:______________________________________
    Address:______________________________________ Email:_______________________________________
    Please return to:
    C/O Constitutional Guard
    225 Brian Drive 830-569-2968
    Pleasanton, Texas 78064-1501 elevengun@earthlink.net
    We ask for your contact information in order to alert you if a situation should warrant. Your personal information will be protected and will only be used for the purpose of the petition and for no other reason. There are no fees, dues, or charges of any kind associated with our effort, if you are asked for any money to sign please report it to address on petition.

    West for President! when Obama is impeached!

    • I would change this, The Constitution does not create rights, it recognizes and protects ENDOWED rights . Our inalienable rights are beyond the limits of government interference. Government must be constantly reminded of this.

      • It is the right and DUTY of each American Citizen to uphold and defend the US Constitution from Tyranny within.

  5. We need more people in government positions like you two. Thank You so much for Standing for Truth and Fighting for it. Would have been there to help if not way up here in Maryland. 😦

  6. Col. Allen West,
    It is an honor to have someone like you, that cares so much about our people, our troops, the Constitution, standing up to Tyranny, in any form. We are the last free country in this world. Most Americans have forgotten what freedom looks like. We have become lazy, slothful, and programmed by corrupt liberal media. We need more people of other ethnic races to become Conservative Patriots like yourself. We need people that value our Founding Fathers ideals, and their faith in God. This last presidential election really woke me up, even more, to the fact that our country is being run by a government that is totally against the people and God. Racism is a big issue, I know there are people out there that let race divide them because of old stereotypes. African- Americans, Caucasian, Latinos, Asians, Native-Americans, Arab-Americans, Jewish-Americans, etc. I believe you are a sterling example of a man that is an American, a stereotype BREAKER, that represents God’s heart. You are a perfect representation of the American Dream.
    We know this country has gone through a lot of hatred, racism, class warfare, etc.
    This what the forefathers understood when they were making the Declaration of Independence, why most of them freed their slaves. They realized in order for them to fight tyranny of the King of England back then, they could not be hypocritical themselves. I am not proud of the mistakes and wrongdoings this country and her people have done, as I am not proud of mine. We can’t forget history or change it, it was the way it was, the good, the bad and the ugly. We need to remember the way things were, to learn from our mistakes, and honor what was done right. We need not to forget these, so we can recognize Tyranny in any form, color, political party, agenda, etc. So we do not let it destroy us anymore. So our children can rise up against it when they have grown up and pass it on to their children, and so on. Tyranny is a disease that takes on any form, color, power, etc. Racism will divide this country and destroy it from the inside-out.
    We know to this day that it still goes on, we pray that justice is served accordingly. People should not vote for someone based on their race but on their values. Life is hard already, we don’t need it even harder. We need God back in our schools, back in our government, we need to support Israel.
    When I hear of your victories, It brings me such hope for this country. These last four years after the new depression hit with the real estate market crashing, has made it harder for me and a lot others, I have lost heart in what this country has become, when I hear your victories, and people speaking the truth, it inspires me. I would love to help more people, but I am having a financially hard time helping myself right now, as are many. I only want to help those people that really want help, that are not just going to sit on their rear ends expecting help. I look at that person and my action of helping that person as an investment, so should anyone else. I look unto you as a hero. I feel and believe Obama and his regime are totally against American values, the American Dream, our troops. I am ashamed to acknowledge him as my president, and I refuse to acknowledge him as my president. I support everything I have learned about you and what you are doing, God Bless You and may he keep you.

  7. Thank you for standing up! I’m afraid that America as we have known her is gone. It will take leaders like you to bring America back to her glory! Please, Please don’t be silent!! America and Americans need you, more now than ever!!

  8. While those of us far away in California can’t be there physically, we can still send money. Go Allen!

    We can also keep working with conservative groups across the country who are actively working on cleaning up our registration
    rolls to be certain that the people who are registered really are eligible.

      • Allan West is a true patriot that isn’t afraid to keep up the fight long after the battle is over. Just because you’ve lost doesn’t make you a loser. Alan West is not a loser, no matter how many people voted for the other guy.

      • Plus, aren’t elections kind of… Communist? We need strong leaders like Alan West to stand up to the socialist vote counters.