FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Tim Edson Campaign Mgr for Allen West Released the Following Statement



 Stuart, FL – West for Congress campaign manager Tim Edson released the following statement regarding the 19th Circuit Court’s ruling today against Patrick Murphy’s attempt to halt the retabulation of early votes:

“We are pleased the judge did not concede to Murphy’s desperate demands to halt the retabulation of early votes already underway in St. Lucie County. Clearly, if the canvassing board has already agreed there were discrepancies and under- or over-counted ballots, it would make no sense to halt the retabulation. From the start, Murphy’s motion was procedurally and substantively lacking.
Once again, all we have ever asked for is a fair and accurate count of the votes to preserve the integrity of the voting process for the citizens of District 18. Integrity is something Patrick Murphy and his band of lawyers seem to have in short supply, as evidenced by their continued attempts to prevent votes from being counted.”

13 responses to “FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Tim Edson Campaign Mgr for Allen West Released the Following Statement

  1. Honor and Integrity will win. I hope the rest of the country catches on to the most corrupt election in history! Go West!

  2. Most thieves don’t realize God has a Judgment Day awaiting them. Most also don’t know that not one liar will be in Heaven, not one. If you doubt me, read Revelations chapters 19-22. May God help us for we have fallen far as a nation. Go Col. West!

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  4. Remember the saying, “Keep the Faith, Baby” Or, what my Dad would say, “Anything worth having, is worth working for.” I do so hope the Father has this in His cards for you as the People do need you in Washington – particular since they are inviting “Kerry” to the party, but He knows best. Somebody has got to deal with Agenda 21. If not this, I am sure there is something else He wants for you – that I do know. It was designed that I meet you – that is the way my life has gone the last year or so. There is always a reason somebody crosses my path or I cross theirs. And, I think almost every time, good things happened for that other person. They were strengthened too. I do know that whatever happens will be good in one way or another. You and I have shown others “not to fear” – that they can question authority without reprisal. We give that to others by our examples. We can be good examples. And, when I say, “I fight Destruction and for all that is good. I have no fear as I am not alone,” it is true – I don’t carry the fear I once had. Without fear, you can see a lot of things more clearly because it is not in your way. You can step out on a limb and not worry about falling. I am finally getting through to my Dad about all this. He is coming around. I think he finally understands that I have to do this. Fact is, he has become a bit abusive to Obama himself and that I like to see. That is his strength coming through. If I can just reach out and take away some fear that so many are feeling, then I am doing my job too. And, it really is all about Faith. The Holy Spirit is so much a part of my life, it is amazing. I know that others may find this hard to believe, but it is as Real as anything else in this World. I am extremely fortunate – I have a super husband that is right at my side. He has been with me through this and he knows the Truth of it too. My Mother sees strength. Yes, I am a bit different than I was before. I was trained for this – I went through a lot as you probably have too. It is our obstacles and how we handle them that is our training ground. Obama is going down and I would just really, like to be there. It became quite “personal” to me quite awhile back. It was not just “politics,” he was harming this Country, its heroes that I hold close to my heart, and the very people that voted for him. Whatever happens to him will be too good. I taunt him as much as I can – I would rather him come after me than others. A lot of people find it funny. There were so many people afraid for me – they aren’t anymore. Obama has a problem with women – he really doesn’t see them as possible threats – only as young, little sex things or toys. He really doesn’t respect them – he has proven that. So, I am just something that can be cast aside. Nope. He has tried to take my God and my Country and that makes me quite angry and I won’t wear a burka LOL. You have a good day today as it is the 18th on the East Coast. Go with God my friend.

  5. There is no reason for anybody to secede. We are One Nation, Under God, Dedicated to the Proposition that All Men Are Created Equal. We Resolve that those that Died in the Pursuit or Defense of Freedom Shall Not have died in vain—that this Nation Shall have a New Birth of Freedom—and that Government will be Of the People, By the People, For the People, Shall Not Perish from the Earth.

    Now, will somebody get that guy out of the White House! IMPEACH!! You can smile now, but, get ready for some “bumpy road.”

  6. Secede is the only way the government will listen. If we keep the intent in place, they will reason what is right and wrong. They may even think we are playing chicken and try and call a “bluff”. But we arent bluffing.

  7. Colonel West, after the vote has been counted and it is discovered that you have kicked Murphy’s liberal arse, I know you will continue to serve the fortunate citizens in your district with honor and distinction throughout your time as their representative.

    But when your term is finished as their Congressman, please run for the Senate or President so the mulititudes who are not in your district but fully support your invaluable service can vote for you too.

    If you should elect to run for the Senate in Florida, this would be great. But ulitmately, you belong in the Oval Office. I have no doubt you will someday rise to even greater heights than your current and critical seat in Congress. Keep up the fire sir. Go West!

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